The Exact Steps I Took to Find TOTAL Freedom with Food

Mornin’ girls. Coming to chat with you about the word “free” today related to your FOOD relationship. By definition, “free” means:

“Not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes.”

Can you describe your relationship to food as FREE today? Not controlled by the power of dieting? Able to act or do as you wish? Are YOU in control? Or is a DIET in control? How is that going for you?

I’ll bet there was a point in your life when you absolutely could define your relationship to food as free.

Although, at this time in your life, I’ll also bet that you weren’t thinking of your “relationship to food.” Food was just food, and you had more to think about.

Then, there came a point where something shifted. Right? What was this point for you?

For me, it was when I was in my first ever relationship. I was 14, comfortable, in-love, and happy. Until I let societal standards convince me that I needed to change and lose the “baby fat”…

My first diet felt similar to my first love.

It felt fulfilling. I liked it… Heck, I loved it. I spent my time thinking about it. I ignored most other things. It was important to me, and it gave me a sense of purpose and identity.

Until, the newness wore off… Once the three month honeymoon phase was over, I realized the weight I’d lost wasn’t enough. Which really surprised me. Starting out I thought…

“If I just lose 30 pounds I’ll be happy.”

The opposite ended up being true.

In fact, I was so unsatisfied with this new smaller body, that I continually tried to make it smaller. My “first love diet” turned into a burden that I thought I’d never get out of. The six-year trap began, and it soaked up SO much of my attention…

How I would love those years back…

I’d weigh myself multiple times a day.
I’d label my days as “good” or “bad.”
I’d take my frustrations out on my boyfriend/parents.

I’d blame others for keeping “tempting foods” around. I figured THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER–I don’t have control around cookies! HOW could they bring COOKIES into the house?

I’d talk to my friends about dieting. I constantly wanted to know what was “working” for others. I was distracted.

My attitude became “all or nothing.” I lost balance. I didn’t feel happy. I felt like I was continually on the hunt for fulfillment. And diets weren’t cutting it.

UNTIL, I found FREEDOM in 2010.

Freedom From:

  • binge eating and restricting
  • guilt and regret
  • food/diet/exercise fads
  • exhaustion, failure, sickness
  • avoiding food, parties, & vacations
  • body identity
  • the distraction of dieting
  • feelings of hopelessness

Freedom To:

  • enjoy a burger and fries without guilt
  • know & enjoy myself and my body
  • genuinely enjoy and like myself
  • be at my sustainable healthy weight
  • have fun moving my body and caring for her
  • experience self confidence & self compassion
  • have fun with food and try new things
  • enjoy getting ready in the mornings
  • explore new spiritually, relationships, and joys
  • get the courage to create the life I’m now living

Can you imagine what my life would be like if I’d never turned around? I truly can’t tell you the thankfulness I feel when I think about the change I made almost six years ago. Thank GOD.

The very fact that my story turned around directly benefits YOU.

Here’s how: I’ve partnered with Simi Botic to create a program that teaches you EVERY SINGLE STEP that freed BOTH of us from this diet hell.

Simi and I created a virtual, self-paced guide to pleasurable weight loss, a renewed relationship to food, self-love, & lasting body freedom, called FINALLY FREE.

Finally Free Program - Promo

In this AH-MAZING program Simi and I reveal the twelve EXACT breakthroughs that freed us (& hundreds of our clients!) from a life spent trapped in diet hell chasing body perfection. FINALLY FREE is so much more than a set of rules or a meal plan.

This program is a step-by-step blueprint to YOUR healthiest and happiest weight, void of dieting, counting calories, and feel distracted by body and food control. Do you want to discovery pleasure, create real transformation, and (most importantly!) find your freedom?

Rather than a complex system of “yes’s” and “no’s,” FINALLY FREE teaches YOU to idenify your body’s natural needs and the method to fulfill those needs organically. FINALLY FREE includes 12 expert, in-depth video sessions and provides you a LIFETIME membership.

This means you can go through the program as many times as you need.

FINALLY FREE is perfect for us busy women because:

  • First of all, it was created by TWO women who each run two businesses, have FULL lives, and know what it’s like to balance many things at once.
  • We’ve made Finally Free self-paced. This means you can go through the sessions at the speed feels best for YOU! It also provides an incredible amount of flexibility. Are you a busy mama, working long hours every day in corporate America, studying for your dream job at a university… or doing all of the above?! AH, we get it. Busy is a way of life these days!
  • It is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you need to do your coaching at 6:30 AM or 11 PM, you CAN!
  • It includes lifetime access (pretty amazing, right?). This means that you can ALWAYS go back and review a lesson at any time.

Simi & Paige

Why me & Simi?

Truth time: most women have struggled with self-image, a negative relationship with their bodies, and have at SOME POINT felt how tough a crazy relationship with food feels like. Maybe you’re there right now.

Simi and I have certainly been there! But we aren’t there anymore.

Imagine how good would it feel to have two successful health coaches who have ALREADY been where you are, ALREADY gotten the results you’re looking for, and have ALREADY bottled up the magic just for you, guide you towards the body, life, and freedom you’re dreaming of.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to have proven action steps, transformational lessons, and brilliant support from two genuine women who truly care about your success?

That is what you will get with Simi and I! We’re giving you the exact steps you need to get to where we are today.

And, you’re going to have a great time with us!

Not everyone will join, but those who are committed to finding freedom WILL. Sign-up today and get instant access to the entire FINALLY FREE Program.

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