The First Day of B-SCHOOL is Here!

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend!

I had such a good weekend! I woke up Saturday to a beautiful sunrise, went to Step, went grocery shopping, came home, and made 2 new salad recipes, which I will share in this post 🙂

Saturday Marco & I went to a BBQ with our friends from Small Group. It ended up being just 4 of us, and turned out great. We got to spend some really good quality time around the table & fire with our new friends, talking about life.

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Sunday was also really good! We woke up, went to Church, and then while Marco went to the Gym (my rest day last week) I stayed home and packed us a picnic & beach bag.


I made us simple sandwiches and a salad to share. We stayed out in the sun for the whole afternoon with that finicky spray sunscreen on — it seems super convenient until you get home and realize that the wind blew half the sunscreen past your body, and not onto it. Blotchy sunburns for the both of us 😉


After the beach, we attempted to go out to dinner at Andreas. This obviously didn’t work out. People really wanted Clam Chowder yesterday!


Instead, we went home, and my parents had made fish tacos. Ah! That was a good trade off.

Two new salad recipes:


This one is from my friend Rachel! Basically, you lightly sautee kale, onions, mushrooms, garlic, and sausage-less italian sausage together in a pan. Once it’s all lightly sautéed, you mix in dressing which is olive oil, the juice of half-a-lemon, and red chili pepper flakes. That’s it! It was delicious!


This next one is amazing. It’s from my sister-n-law, Jinna. The base is spring mix, and the toppings are sliced (into 4’s) dates, honey glazed walnuts, cucumbers, & s+p. Jinna actually recommended that I use grapes, but there weren’t any organic grapes at TJ’s, so I opted to cucumbers. This worked perfectly. The walnuts you can glaze in brown sugar, but I opted for honey because that’s what I had.

Super easy to glaze, by the way. Just head a tbsp of honey in a pan over medium heat, add in a handful of walnuts, and let them warm together. Voila!


The dressing was balsamic vin, olive oil, and honey. Yum!

New Business Cards!


Thanks Sweet Birch Designs!

I love them! How do you guys like them?


Now, for B-SCHOOL! It starts today, and I am so ready! My office is 100% straightened and organized (as usual – hehe… I pride myself in a clean office)


^^ flowers I bought myself


^^ quiet time basket — tip: at night, I take my laptop off my desk, and place my QT basket in it’s spot. That way, I’m not tempted to check e-mail first. I go straight to my basket, then straight to the Gym, then straight home to shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast. THEN I check e-mail and start work by 9:00 T-Th. Mondays are a little different though 🙂

IMG_6237.JPG IMG_6238.JPG

I color coordinated my books… and the top shelf, that’s allowed to be out-of-order. Those are all sweet recent cards from my Clients.

Are you in B-SCHOOL, or starting a new quarter in College? How have you organized yourself?

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