The First Step to Break-Up with Diets

Breaking Up with Diets“I can’t HAVE more cookies! I already went over my calorie limit today.

UGH! I’ll just have one more… whatever… I’m already over…

I want another one! You don’t understand what this is like. I’m hungry! I want one!

Ugh, I’ll just have another and be better tomorrow.”

Cue planning out entire next day so that I could EAT today and trust that I’d “be better” tomorrow.

This used to be my internal and external dialogue to the people closest to me. Think… parents, boyfriend, best friends… I had such extreme frustrations with cravings and hunger.

I used to research how to get rid of cravings. How to stop wanting sugar. How to tell yourself “you want to” cut things out vs. “you have to.”

I made every effort to stay on every diet I ever went on and they drove me insane. They also gave me hope (this was always BEFORE the diet started – the hope of what it might bring me) and made me feel safe. But for what?

Hope for what? For a small body that was insanely hard to keep that small? Hope that gave me a sense of control and therefore a false sense of security? Hope that I’d be happier if I were more in control. Was I actually SAFER or HAPPIER in my life by dieting? No…

What did I miss out on through that?

That’s what I want to talk with you all about today. Why I had to get ANGRY at diets in order to break up with them. Anger is going to be USEFUL today my friends!

Anger can propel us to make a change. Which is great… and then we can let it go. Once we make the change we’re free to let the anger go. It’s served it’s purpose.

Session #1 is such a great motivator in giving you the steps to get angry with diets so you can leave them behind. We also give you two other important steps you need to break up with diets.

But today I’m focusing on step ONE. Getting PISSED OFF at the diet industry.

Here’s my reason for being pissed of at diets:

It’s been 7 years since I gave up dieting. These past 7 years have been the best of my life.

Diets DISTRACTED me from what I actually wanted. While dieting, anytime I craved something “more” in my life (I felt an emptiness or “need” of sorts) I’d assume it was a smaller body, to lose 5-10 lbs… to be in “PERFECT” shape.

So I’d immediately start a new diet. Sit down, map out my plan, and commit to being good for a length of time. Without even a single thought that it might be something ELSE I were craving.

What did I actually want? A FULFILLING LIFE. MY LIFE. A MEANINGFUL LIFE. Not a perfect life, but one that I showed up for. One where I accepted myself and others, pushed past my fears and loved hard.

I have so much to be grateful for today and it’s all because I KNOW the things I value (because my mind is clear!) and I make a STRONG effort to go after the things I value. I feel SO grateful for this.

Here are some things I have today that I believe I would NOT have if I were still stuck in this obsessive diets-get-all-of-my-attention place:

  1. my blog (I started this blog to share how FREE I felt when I left rules behind)
  2. health coaching (I moved into health coaching because I wanted to help ALL OF YOU, the women reading my blog, to let go of diets)
  3. marrying Marco (I didn’t know I had feelings for him until I was in-tune with MYSELF)
  4. moving to SLO (I wouldn’t have done it – I would have been so freaked out to change my “routine” that much that I would’ve stayed in Ventura)
  5. making GREAT new friends and doing ALL OF THE FUN things with them, most of which involved FOOD or skipping the gym
  6. traveling without worry
  7. moving to Reno
  8. getting our Abby girl
  9. …and another new thing we’ll be sharing later this year

The reason I say I wouldn’t have these things is because when I was dieting I had this “brain fog” that crowded out most other things that I cared about.

I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) go out to eat unless I was in full on binge mode. Or, I’d go out to eat and obsess the entire time about how/what I was eating and struggle to focus on the people I was with.

From the time I started dieting to the time I stopped the only “progress” I made was being obsessed with perfection (and that’s not the kind of progress that has allowed me to create my current life).

I was obsessed with my weight, the number of times I went to the gym (sometimes in a day), the number on the scale, the number on my jeans, being perfect at work, and one good and healthy thing, getting a drivers license – ha!

I wanted freedom, of course, during this time… but had no idea how to properly find it. So I’d find it in destructive ways. I’d drink too much when I hung out with friends. I had really intense emotional highs and lows. Huge levels of anxiety. I was all or nothing. Either eating HEALTHY or going ALL OUT.

As I write this, I do NOT miss that time whatsoever. I could care less about the fact that my body was smaller then. So was my life.

I am 100% happier today. 100% more courageous. 100% more caring, listening, and overall more loving. 100% more committed (I used to get freaked by commitment). 100% more determined towards the things that I value.

I am NOT perfect, but I am alive today. I am grateful. I am human. I am joyful. I experience (and welcome) a full range of emotion.

I wouldn’t trade the life we’ve created, ever.

Are you ready to give up diets too? Do it – your entire RICH life is waiting for you. Do it with us.

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