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Let me know if this sounds familiar…

When you first heard about the principles of intuitive eating – including ‘rejecting the diet mentality’ and giving yourself ‘unconditional permission to eat’ – you HAD to find out more. 

Because by that point, you were 100% DONE with dieting. 

You Googled “how to start intuitive eating” and read every blog post you could find on it.

As you read, you felt a sense of excitement washing over you – FINALLY there was an eating solution that didn’t involve restrictive dieting. 

You uninstalled your calorie-counting app. 

You followed as many Intuitive Eating coaches and influencers as you could find on Instagram.

And were ready to be guided by your intuition. 

To finally feel free from restrictive food rules.

To reclaim your mental space and put it toward the things you care about – your family, friends and your career — instead of dedicating 80+% of it to food. 

At this stage, you just want to feel happy and comfortable in your body.

You want to be able to enjoy your personal relationships, like spending an afternoon with your girlfriends at a cute bistro without feeling your heart beating through your chest when the waitress asks you what you’d like to order while you wonder “Can I eat this? Do I need to eat what everyone else is having? If I don’t, am I “being diety” and not eating intuitively?”

You want to be able to focus on that delicious, saucy, beautifully-presented pasta dish you just ordered, without seeing a number of calories flash before your eyes.

And you’d love to feel completely comfortable with life’s ‘lulls’. 

Like when you’re at a family party and you’re standing alone by the buffet table with no-one to talk to, so you pile up your plate again just to keep busy.

Or you’re ready to go out but you don’t need to leave for half an hour, so you grab a snack to help pass the time. 

You thought intuitive eating could help you feel more “normal” around food and give you the freedom and lightness you’ve been yearning for.

But things haven’t quite worked out that way. 

If you’re being completely honest, you’re feeling a bit lost without your food rules. And the idea of having permission to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, scares you. 

“I’ll just end up eating ALL the food…” you think. 

And “Is there such a thing as ‘too much permission’?”

You might be trying to find a ‘balance’ between the old way and the new way. Like eating intuitively within an ‘eating window’ (another rule that is not necessary and doesn’t actually serve you). 

You desperately want to stop spending so much time and energy obsessing about food.

But it’s getting hard to imagine that you’ll ever actually feel calm, centered and totally okay about not being ‘100% perfect’ with food…

And you’re starting to think that maybe intuitive eating just isn’t going to work for you. 

But the thing is – you NEED it to work.

Because it goes a whole lot deeper than just the ‘food stuff’.

As you struggle to break free from the ‘old rules’ and obsessions around food, you’re also still struggling to move forward with your career, your financial goals, and your personal relationships.

It’s almost not even about losing those 5 or 10 or 15 pounds anymore; you just want to feel happy and at peace in your life. 

And have something else to talk to your husband/partner about than your anxieties and insecurities about food (he’s so sweet and supportive, but he doesn’t really get it).

With the amount of time and energy you’ve invested in trying to break free from restrictive diets, you deserve to be feeling so much lighter and calmer already.

You deserve to know you are making the right decision for yourself when deciding what to have for dinner, without feeling the need to check your app, a book, a blog post or anything else to make sure you’re being ‘intuitive’.

You deserve to have 100% of your emotional and mental energy available for the things that actually matter in your life – being present and engaged when you’re on vacation with your family, feeling your best at work, and looking forward to spending time your girlfriends – without always having thoughts of food at the back of your mind.

What you need is someone you can talk to and share your worries with when you’re feeling low. 

And a whole community of women who completely understand what you’re going through.

And you CAN have this!

But before I say more, here are a few key things I’d like to share, which might help.

4 things you need to know... get intuitive eating (and living) to 'click' for you.

#1: Intuitive eating isn’t really about food, even if that’s what almost every intuitive eating book, blog post and course focuses on.
Have you ever noticed that the way you are with food is the way you are with other things in your life — e.g. you save and splurge money in the same way that you diet and binge?

That’s because everything in life is connected.

When you make everything just about eating, you miss the bigger picture.

You can never fully ‘get’ intuitive eating until you practice connecting with your inner guidance in ALL areas of your life.

For example, when you’re out shopping and you look into your cart and ask yourself: “Do I really need this new make-up? Will it actually make me feel happier?”

Or when you’re out running and you honor your body by recognizing that today, it would feel better to walk some of the way rather than running the whole three miles.

When you start checking in with yourself, giving yourself permission, and making decisions in other parts of your life based on what ‘feels good’ and how you want to feel, you start developing a more loving and caring relationship with yourself.

And THAT’s when you can fully step into trusting yourself with food.
#2: Letting go of needing to be perfect will give you SO much more freedom

Even if the influencers you’re following on Instagram seem to have EVERYTHING figured out and be living perfect, beautifully photographed lives…

...perfection is not the goal here.

Feeling good and content within yourself is ALWAYS the goal.

Because being ‘intuitive’ isn’t about being ‘perfect’. It’s about checking in with yourself, connecting with your body and discovering what will feel good for you.

But when you find yourself constantly striving to be ‘perfect’, your goals can feel impossible to achieve. And this makes you live less intuitively.

You’ll think that if you don’t do something ‘100% perfectly’, then you’ll have ‘failed’. (Again.)

You’ll feel like you can’t have that bulletproof coffee that you LOVE in the morning… because if you’re eating something ‘keto’ then that means you’re being ‘diety’ and not eating intuitively (NOT TRUE).

And you’ll worry about giving yourself ‘too much permission’ around food (you might feel afraid to bake those brownies with your kids, thinking you’ll eat the whole sheet).

But when your ultimate goal is to feel better in yourself by eating and doing what feels good for you in the moment…

And - more importantly - discovering what makes you feel the way you want to feel…

You will experience SO much more permission and freedom to experiment with different foods.

You will feel SO much calmer each day.

And you’ll soon start to feel SO much better about yourself.

When you reach a place of accepting that you do not need to be 100% perfect to reach your goal of feeling calmer, happier and better about your body… THAT’s when intuitive eating (and living) will begin to ‘click’ for you.

You’ll know that choosing to order a pizza and cozy up in front of the TV with your family on a Saturday night - really savoring the hot, melted cheese, the crispy crust and the tangy fresh tomato sauce and knowing that this will be a happy time spent with your family - is intuitive.

And you’ll know that choosing only to eat two slices - because you know that more than that will leave you with an upset stomach and you want to feel good the next day - is also intuitive.

Your path to freedom and feeling better in yourself will be completely unique to you - so you HAVE to experiment with intuitive eating and living to find out what works for you.

You have complete permission to live an ‘imperfect’ life if that means you get to experience the freedom and happiness you’ve been striving for.
#3: It is okay to want to feel better within your body

As women, we’ve all been trained and conditioned from a young age to look outside of ourselves for the answers we seek.

You have probably read blogs and listened to podcasts that say - time and time again - that ‘you should love your body exactly how it is’ even if you’re overweight. That this is ‘just the way you are’. And that ‘you shouldn’t have a single rule around food’. Otherwise you’re being restrictive and ‘diety’ and not intuitive.
Meanwhile you might be thinking: “But my feet and knees hurt… I think I would feel more comfortable if I lost some weight…”

Or: “Every time I eat bread and pasta I have such a stomach ache after… surely it’s okay for me to cut those out to see if I feel better?”

The answer is that it is completely fine to cut things out and lose weight naturally as part of ‘honoring your health through gentle nutrition’ (the 10th principle of intuitive eating) and doing what feels good for you.

The problems start when you think you’ll feel better about yourself and your life once you’ve lost a few pounds. But you probably already know that lasting happiness and contentment doesn’t come from weight loss.

Weight loss can be a consequence of intuitive eating IF your weight needs to change (and if it does need to change, it will in time).

But lasting happiness comes when you work on feeling better within yourself through self-care and self-love (which is what we focus on in The Growth Vault).
#4: Doing this alone is HARD.

I 100% believe that you have everything you need inside of you to get where you want to be. But there is no quick fix and it can take time for intuitive eating to ‘click’ for you - and you will probably slip up a few times along the way.
To develop the self-trust you need to move forward, you’ll need to unlearn a lot of behavior and thought patterns that have created your current reality.

But the last thing you need is someone telling you what you ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be eating or doing.

What you need is some ongoing, gentle support from a Health Coach who has been where you are now, and knows what you need to do to make real, sustainable changes in your life.

Someone who knows the right questions to ask to guide you toward the right answer for YOU - so you can finally feel lighter and less burdened.

Someone who’s in your corner and genuinely wants you to feel better about yourself.


Feeling “normal” around food doesn’t have to be as hard as it feels right now.

You already know that feeling calmer around food will make a huge difference in your life.

But maybe you didn’t know that by finding food freedom through the Guided Self Coaching Method I’m about to share with you, you’ll also:
  • Learn to nurture and care for yourself in a way that makes food fall naturally to the back burner (this is what helps you shift away from fighting against yourself to simply doing what feels good, all the time)
  • Develop deep trust in yourself and confidence in your own inner guidance, in every area of your life, from food to money to your relationships - and learn to treat yourself with unconditional, relaxed love and acceptance, even when you “fail”.
  • Feel content in your body, much better in yourself and completely calm around food — no matter what parties or girls’ nights are coming up in your social calendar.
  • Start feeling way more comfortable in your relationship with money (because how you do one thing is how you do everything — you’ll be amazed how much improving your relationship with food helps you with money, and vice versa).
  • Walk into any restaurant in town and quickly, confidently order whatever your body asks for, knowing exactly how you want to feel after.
  • Hit ‘mute’ on the food-related noise in your brain and reclaim 100% of your mental and emotional energy — so you’re able to devote yourself completely to the things that really matter in your life - enjoying time with your partner and your kids, being able to completely relax during girls’ nights, and feel comfortable saying ‘yes’ to that vacation without worrying about what you’ll eat.


All of those things are TOTALLY possible for you.

Whether you’ve just ditched diets for the first time, or you’ve been trying (and struggling) to embrace intuitive eating for years...

...but they DO depend on taking an approach that trains you to rebuild your trust in yourself.

One that digs deep enough to help you see what’s really going on underneath your “food stuff.”

One that gives you the right kind of support and gentle guidance as you follow your own unique path toward self-care, self-love, and food freedom.

So that a few months from now, you’ll be enjoying the kind of freedom that doesn’t feel possible right now.

If you’re still with me, I am so excited to introduce you to...



An intuitive eating and living membership program that offers a safe, judgment-free space, so you can:

  • Work on eating and living more intuitively in a way that works for you
  • Let go of the perfectionism and rules that are holding you back 
  • Start feeling so much calmer and better in yourself

With gentle guidance and support from me, Paige Schmidt, a certified Health Coach, and the rest of the community, when you need it.

A peek inside…

The Growth Vault

3 Ways The Growth Vault Will Help You Make Peace With Food — Forever

  • Monthly

    You can get personalized, specific guidance on anything that’s challenging you - body image, cravings, self-care, career, money, relationships - and get support by connecting with Paige and others.
  • 30+ Foundational
    Courses, Workshops
    & Trainings

    Transform at your own pace with these exclusive resources that will coach you through connecting to your own inner guidance in your relationships with your food, your finances and your life.
  • Exclusive
    Content & Deals

    You’ll get free access to everything I create: exclusive content every month and members-only deals on one-on-one support if you ever want or need it.

Self-study courses
& a caring community

Work on intuitive eating,
personal growth & self-care

With support when you need it

Get ALL of this inside The Growth Vault:

Your foundational Intuitive Eating training program

Finally Free
(Value $297)

A road-map to food freedom in 12 transformative sessions (including worksheets)
This program will help you completely transform your relationship with food.

Inside Finally Free Program

In Finally Free, you’ll:

  • break free from binge-restrict cycles and chasing body perfection through fads, rules and diets
  • learn how to connect to what your body needs in every moment
  • discover how to finally fully trust yourself with and feel calm around food — forever.

As you go through each video module and worksheet, my co-coach Simi Botic and I will take you deeeeep into your relationship with food so you can finally understand what’s been holding you back, heal what’s hurting and move past diets for good. We’ll guide you through things like:

  • Overcoming emotional eating through our super-effective 3-step process (so you can quickly and confidently navigate those moments when you ask yourself “does my body really want this cookie, or am I just giving in to a craving?”)
  • Identifying, understanding and overcoming the triggers and self-sabotaging behaviors that are keeping you stuck (without you even realizing it)
  • …and so much more.

From this new place of clarity, you’ll finally start to experience the easy, calm relationship with food you doubted was even possible for you.

I had such an incredible, transformative experience through Finally Free. This program takes you on a loving, gentle journey all the way from the huge step of giving up dieting, to this mind-blowing realization: listening to your body is truly the only tool you need to be healthy, happy, confident, glowing, and gorgeous! I never could have gotten to this amazing point on my own, but I am SO excited to finally be here!

Each of the 12 topics is so thoughtfully chosen and perfect. Every question that popped up for me was covered in one of the sessions, and I felt so supported by this amazing program created just for me with love. Paige and Simi are the sweetest coaches, and SO knowledgeable in each of these areas — from years of study and research, professional experience, and going through all of this themselves. I could not have asked for better guides to hold my hand each step of the way through the program!



Your Complete Intuitive Living program

Authentically You
(Value $97)

Helping you to achieve whole-life freedom and feel comfortable being your most authentic self in 8 life-changing lessons (including journal prompts)

Authentically You Course

Authentically You will help you experience and solidify total self trust and freedom in every area of your life (not just with food!).

As you move through the audio lessons and worksheets in Authentically You, you’ll…

  • Strip away the ‘shoulds’ and restrictive, limiting beliefs in all areas of your life, and instead connect to what you ACTUALLY want
  • Identify how you want to feel (which is key to understanding and moving past what’s holding you back)
  • Learn how to get ‘unstuck’ 

…and so much more.

By the time you’re finished with Authentically You, you’ll feel deeply connected to your true self and realigned with your values, what’s important to you and what lights you up inside.

What’s more, you’ll know how to get from where you are now to where you want to be. And you’ll be empowered to get there.

Authentically You helped me to reconnect with myself, begin practicing self-love, and begin to dig deeper to figure out what self-love actually means.

I started Authentically You in a place of self doubt, negativity and feeling very stuck. I ended the program being able to see the light again and slowly bring myself back to a place of joy and peace.



Your 1-hour budgeting & savings workshop

Budgeting With Joy
(Value $97)

The monthly savings you'll make once you implement what I teach in this workshop will MORE than pay for your Growth Vault membership.

Budgeting and Saving Workshop

This workshop is about one of my FAVORITE subjects: money. If you just shuddered, take a breath — this is made for you. Because if you’ve ever found it hard to stick to a budget, this time you’ll create one that is aligned with your values and so full of joy you’ll actually WANT to stick to it.

When you complete Budgeting with Joy, you’ll…

  • Get really clear on what you’re saving for — and why (almost no one is talking about that last part, but it’s critical)
  • Start to see budgeting as empowering and fun, instead of restrictive and boring (hint: if you’re not including ‘FUN money’ in your budget’, you’ll find it so much harder to stick to — just like a restrictive diet)
  • Learn how to use my favorite budgeting app to create a functional, easy-to-use budget that supports your dreams and goals — whether that’s saving for a downpayment on your dream house or having zero credit card debt.

After you’ve created your first values-based budget, you’ll feel clear, confident and empowered making money decisions.

BONUS: this workshop can help save you money every single month, from the moment you start using it. It could easily help you save more money than your Growth Vault membership costs — so you’re almost being paid to join (ha!).

After doing Paige’s financial workshop I felt confident creating a budget in a way that brought joy to my life. I had a mind shift change to begin looking at my finances in a positive way rather than as stress and scarcity. I loved the workshop so much I scheduled a one on one session to really dive deep into savings, purchasing a home, investments and freedom in using money to create joy in my life!

There are a million ways to budget and take control of your finances but working with Paige is different. She helps create shifts in your thinking to create a flexible, sustainable spending plan to reach your goals!

Natalie M


Your monthly group call with Paige

Coffee Connections
(Value $297)

Connect with Paige and other members of The Growth Vault

Coffee Connection calls in The Growth Vault with Paige Schmidt

These are a special time to connect and talk with Paige and other loving and supportive members of The Growth Vault.

In these monthly video hangouts, we show up in our leisure-wear (usually a sweatshirt, messy bun, and a huge cup of coffee!) and discuss the current focus of The Growth Vault and what we’re learning.

These calls will help you transform your relationship with topics like body image, career challenges, debt, and more.

And they will help you feel less alone <3


Your monthly check-in

1:1 Mini-Coaching Sessions
(value $47)

If there's something you're feeling stuck on, call Paige during her office hours

Call in during my office hours once a month and share with me what you’re struggling with.

I will coach you through it, giving you action steps to practice over the following month, so you feel empowered to make consistent progress and deepen your trust in yourself between sessions.


Ideas for every day of the month

50+ Meal Ideas
(value $17)

With all the ingredients you need and photos to help you plan healthy and tasty meals.

Peaches and Yogurt on a Waffle

More than 50 healthy, easy and tasty meal ideas, with ingredients and photos, to help take the anxiety out of planning meals.


A private members’ Facebook group

A caring community of women on the same journey as you
(value: priceless!)

Connect with Paige and other members of The Growth Vault whenever you need to

The Growth Vault Facebook group is a safe, judgment-free members’ space where you can:

  • Ask questions
  • Share your goals and mini-journals about how your journey is going
  • Get support with things you’re struggling with
  • Offer support to other women who are on the same journey and experiencing the same things as you by commenting on their posts

…and anything else you would like to use it for.


Your field guide for living with intention and balance

Finding Balance eBook
(Value $17)

From meal planning to routine to navigating relationships.

Finding Balance will help you create joy and escape all-or-nothing, black-or-white thinking, in every area of your life — through exploring specific themes that so many of my clients struggle with.

Grab a cup of coffee, cozy up with a fuzzy blanket and crack open your copy to explore…

  • Striking your best balance between eating for pleasure and eating for hunger
  • Planning meals while eating intuitively
  • Managing your time and your to-do list as you nail down your ideal work-life balance

…and so much more

Once you’ve read Finding Balance, you’ll be able to quickly see how each area of your life relates to the whole, and be well on your way to finding true balance in your life.

And from that centered place, you’ll be unshakeable in your freedom.


All of my trainings and workshops

30+ video & audio trainings
(total value $497+)

I cover intuitive eating, self-love, budgeting with joy, routine, setting goals, coping with anxiety, emotions and negative thoughts and so much more.

Resource Vault inside of The Growth Vault

Find all the content I have ever created, as well as new audio trainings that I create twice a month exclusively for members of The Growth Vault.


Exclusive discount

Members' 1:1 coaching discount

30% off a single 1:1 coaching session with Paige (which I don't offer anywhere else)

If you ever feel like you need some 1:1 support, you can book a one-off private coaching session with me with a 30% discount. I don’t offer single coaching sessions anywhere else.


“The amount of value in the Growth Vault is incredible!

One of the things I love most about The Growth Vault is that it focuses on several areas of personal growth and authentic living. I don’t need a membership for my finance work and a course for intuitive eating and a book club and so on – it’s all within The Growth Vault!

Not only is this cheaper but easier to manage with one login where I can get coaching, ask questions and delve into fantastic courses.

Paige has the most kind and supportive demeanor and every time we speak or I hear her coach everything feels achievable.”

Kelly Azevedo, Woodland California


you’ll get exclusive content every month, 100% free access to anything Paige creates (forever!) and members-only coaching deals — so you’ll always have everything you need to find your food freedom

As a member of The Growth Vault, you’ll get full access to every paid workshop, course and guide I’ve ever created — and every paid resource I create in the future, forever.

And every month, you’ll get exclusive content like videos and worksheets to expand on what you’re focusing on that month — so you’ll grow, make progress and move forward every single time you log in.

The Growth Vault is designed to be all you ever need to to create the food and life freedom you desire and deserve so that you can finally focus on the rest of your life.

And for most women, it will be.

But if you decide you need or want one-on-one support at any time, I want you to know I’m 100% committed to your growth and success, whatever it takes.

That’s why you’ll get exclusive, members-only deals on one-on-one coaching. (Hint: your savings on one financial coaching session alone would more than pay for a month of membership.)

Join The Waitlist for The Growth Vault

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I’d recommend The Growth Vault for anyone that wants or needs access to amazing resources and the best resource of all… Paige!

To anyone in need of self-compassion and healing in their relationship with food, body, money, schedules, career — I couldn’t recommend Paige enough!

After working with Paige one-on-one, I decided to join The Growth Vault to continue to have access to her support and resources, and have a community to hold me accountable.

I’m so grateful for The Growth Vault, because it has allowed me to continue to work on myself, as well as hear other women’s experiences and understand that I am not alone.

It has also helped me to remain on track and practice self-love by SHOWING UP for myself and for the other women in the program on monthly coaching calls and by asking Paige questions.

I’ve seen my life improve in all areas. I am now lighter, freer — happier. No more diets. No more crazy schedules. No more ‘perfect.’

If you’re reading this, or you have a small voice telling you this could be for you, I can bet that it is. My work with Paige is the best thing I have ever done.”

Stasia W.

Hi, I’m

When I’m not sipping a Coffee Bean vanilla latte (with soy milk and half the powder), cuddling with my dog Abby or hanging out with my husband Marco (and in April 2021, we’ll be welcoming our first daughter, Selah)…

I’ve been guiding my wonderful clients toward their food, financial, and whole-life freedom for over 8 years

As a Certified Intuitive Eating and Financial Coach, I’ve helped hundreds of women — from all walks of life and every corner of the globe — to change their lives in the most powerful way imaginable: by learning to trust themselves.

If you’ve been feeling like you need some extra support with intuitive eating and would like to feel more connected with yourself and more content in your life in general…

The Growth Vault, its wonderful members and I are here for you.

(That’s the kind of support that helped me ditch diets for good and find my food freedom, almost a decade ago.)

And I couldn’t be more honored to support you in that very same way.

“The person I am today is the person I wanted to become when I started my journey with Paige. If that doesn’t tell you enough about Paige’s skills in mentoring her clients, I DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL!

I am happy with my body, the progress I have made and the habits that I have formed to feel unapologetically ME.

The healthy, happy, comfortable and confident version of me.

I have worked through so many thoughts of doubt, stubbornness, and defeat to get here and I can honestly say I could have never done this without Paige’s guidance.”

Chelsea B.

Still Unsure?

You’re ready to find your food (and life) freedom in The Growth Vault if...

  • 1. You’re new to intuitive eating and you want to find your way, the right way, ASAP. You want to know in your bones that every minute spent on learning is bringing you closer to your food freedom, because you’re immersing yourself in guidance that has helped hundreds of women just like you.
  • 2. You’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve tried to make intuitive eating work for you, and you’re ready to finally feel that calm sense of freedom you’ve been putting so much effort into creating for yourself. (This is the story of many women who join The Growth Vault.)
  • 3. You’re considering one-on-one coaching, but you’re not 100% ready to commit yet — so you’d rather dip your toe in and explore intuitive eating in a more self-guided setting for a while, knowing that you’ll have access to the best possible deals if you ultimately decide you’d like to receive a higher level of support.
  • 4. You've coached with me before and you're ready for more — whether you worked with me years ago and want to reconnect with my consistent support, or you’ve just finished your program and you’re so excited to continue living your life with total freedom.
  • 5. You’re already zeroing in on your food freedom (yay!) and you want to protect and deepen your connection to yourself through consistent support and access to foundational Courses & Workshops that will help you expand your food freedom into every area of your life — from your finances to your relationships and beyond.
  • 6. You know you need much more consistent, personalized support than books, blogs and podcasts can provide, but you’re a DIYer at heart and would prefer a “middle ground” between one-on-one coaching and 100% solo learning.
  • 7. You have no problem investing around an hour per week in your growth as long as you’re 100% confident that every bit of energy you invest is going to directly translate to more freedom and ease in every food decision you make, from here on.
  • 8. You’re super excited about the fact that a few months from now, you WILL have the food freedom you desire. And you can’t wait to crack open your first Courses & Workshops and attend your first monthly Coaching Call.
Did you catch yourself nodding your head?

If so, then I absolutely cannot wait to meet you inside The Growth Vault.

Quick reminder:

You get ALL this included in your Growth Vault membership:

  • Finally Free: a 12-lesson foundational course on intuitive eating (value $297)

  • Authentically You: an 8-lesson roadmap toward intuitive living (value $97)

  • Budgeting with Joy: The workshop that will MORE than pay for your membership (value $97)

  • Coffee Connections: group calls with Paige & TGV members (value $297)

  • Mini-coaching sessions with Paige (value $47)

  • 30+ video & audio workshops & trainings (total value $497+)

  • 50+ meal ideas (value $17)

  • Finding Balance eBook (value $17)

  • A private members’ Facebook group (value $97)

  • 30% off a single one-on-one coaching session with Paige when you need it


As a member of The Growth Vault, you’ll have my full support, every single month.

“Before I started working with Paige, I was struggling with feeling stuck – in my eating, in my body image, in my marriage and in my motherhood.

I felt like I was spinning my wheels and not making progress even though I had worked so hard at eating intuitively, accepting my body and building a life I loved — I needed help getting to the next level, and Paige helped me do just that.

After working with Paige, food is no longer a ‘thing’ for me — I don’t struggle with body acceptance, and my life feels lighter, less hectic and more intentional.

Even my marriage has improved through learning how to better care for myself and tune into my husband’s needs, and my kids can now enjoy a happier, less-stressed mom.”

Kristin D.

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If you think you need support… you probably do.

When you feel calm and can trust yourself in every area of your life AND have the right kind of consistent support, ANYTHING is possible for you.

So if you’re still on the fence, I’ll just leave you with these thoughts:

  • If you’ve had at least two moments this month where you’ve been preoccupied with food in a way that pulled you out of experiencing your life in the moment, whether you were unable to focus on your conversation at a restaurant or you felt lingering, persistent food guilt looong after you’d finished your meal… The Growth Vault will help you. 
  • If you’re ALREADY investing time and energy doing things like immersing yourself in books, blog posts and ‘expert’ interviews — but you’re noticing that the information you’re taking in isn’t making you feel any freer… The Growth Vault will help you. 


  • If you dream of leaving dieting in the past once and for all, and the main thing holding you back is the fear that you won’t be able to make it work because you think you must be different or broken in some way… The Growth Vault will help you. 

If you’re ready, I look forward to doing everything in my power to help you step into your power — and finally start experiencing the capital-F Freedom I already know you’re capable of. 

You know all you need to know. You have everything you need to make an empowered decision, one way or the other.

I want to warmly encourage you to trust yourself… and leap off the fence.

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