The #Hashtags I’d Choose for Our Phone Chat

Ladies, only TWO days left to register for FINALLY FREE | GIRL TALK. Are you signed-up?

Finally Free | Girl Talk!

Remember what I told you all. Even if you can’t make the call, I absolutely encourage you to sign-up. After the call, you’ll be getting gorgeous handouts with a full recap of what we talk about live.

If I were going to #hashtag our free call, here are the #hashtags I would use based on some of the topics we’ll be addressing:

  • #bingeeating
  • #overeating
  • #hormones
  • #relationships
  • #thepill
  • #freedom
  • #selfworth
  • #confidence
  • #purpose
  • #balance
  • #bodyimage
  • #comfort
  • #b&wthinking
  • #allornothing
  • #prioritizing
  • #selfcare

So, now that you know some of the #hashtags that I’d choose, are you convinced that you need to be there?

As a reminder, I told you on Wednesday that I have a secret but can’t tell you what it is…

Here’s what I need you to do if you want to know what I’ll be sharing with you:

  • make sure you’re signed-up for Girl Talk because all who are signed-up for my list are going to get something *really special* the day after!

I can’t wait!

xo, your coach


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