The Healthier Egg Salad Experiment

Hello everyone! Hope your days are going well. My day is pretty good over here.


As a snack this afternoon, I had sliced apples and sliced LARABAR


My favorite LARABAR to use with this recipe is Peanut Butter Cookie


Super simple, just slice and pile em’ together! Tastes like a healthy candy apple (ish!!) I ate this right before the gym, and it gave me just the right amount of energy to get through my 50 minutes of cardio. That wasn’t planned, but it felt better to be working out today than not, so I just kept going. You know those days 😉


For lunch today, I made an egg salad sandwich inspired by Running to the Kitchen

I must admit though, I think hers turned out better. Mine was good, but it wasn’t amazing!

I truly think I used too much yogurt 😉


I first boiled some eggs.

I am not the queen of egg boiling. If anyone has pointers, please share! The shell was clinging so hard to the egg I thought I was never going to get a bite! 😉


I first put the eggs in room temp water, covered them by about 2 inches, brought them to a boil, reduced heat, covered and let them sit for 15 minutes just like I was told, then laid them out. They consistency and boil was perfect, but the shell gave me trouble! I did not put salt or vinegar, and I think either/or both of those would have helped.


Instead of mayo, I used a mix I made ahead of time. The mix was greek yogurt and bruschetta, equal parts.

This was a full on experiment.

I mixed it with 3 eggs (and I snacked on two hard boiled eggs a couple hours before, right after the gym today. Holy egg overload!!)

It was great by itself, but with the egg, it was too… hmm… greek yogurt-ish. I think I just put too much, to be honest. Anyway, I added some mustard and that seemed to do the trick. It gave it just the vinegar-ish (I’m using a lot of “ish” today arn’t I??) taste that it needed.


I put the egg salad on whole wheat toast, and that made it taste even better.


I had Country Grain Salad (from Trader Joes) on the side. Mmm so good!


This tasted good, it just wasn’t what I expected, because it was not like using mayo.


I still would love to avoid using mayo, and find a better alternative, so I am going to give this another go sometime within the next couple days. Better luck next time?

Have you guys found your “perfect” way to make a healthier egg salad sandwich? Did you have slip ups in between like me? 😉

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