The Heat Means Smoothies For Dessert

Good morning everyone! Hope y’all slept well. It’s another super sunny day here. I just got back from my Wednesday run.


Yesterday for breakfast I had eggs & toast. Sometimes I wonder how much longer I’ll crave this breakfast, but until I want something different I’m going with it. Other things I’ve gotten stuck on in the past are:

  • egg roll ups with corn tortillas, eggs, cheese, and homemade salsa
  • oatmeal with banana chunks & a nut butter
  • green smoothies
  • yogurt, banana, agave, almond butter
  • open faced breakfast sandwich with sourdough, basil, tomato, and egg whites (I only like egg whites with this combo)


Since my breakfast was super early yesterday (7:00a) I wanted something else around 10:00 before walking with my Momma. I had a petite treat size of yogurt, agave, and blueberries. These were frozen, so they really cooled me off with the warm weather.


I got a craving for PB after my yogurt, so I also had one bite of this ALT bar. Mostly I just wanted to try it. The rest is in the fridge for when I want it next 🙂


Momma and I went for a walk around 10:30. When we got home, I made myself a homemade iced coffee. Theres tons of ice, coffee, and a splash of half & half inside. I sipped on this and water while I worked.

IMG_6907 IMG_6908

I ate lunch around 1:00. I had an open face sandwich with a small bowl of homemade split pea soup. My sandwich was Ezekiel, mayo, turkey, onions, avocado, and crispy iceberg.


I wasn’t fully satisfied when I was done, so I made myself a mini sandwich “lettuce wrap” style. Basically, it was a slice of avo, two slices of turkey, and onion wrapped in a big iceberg lettuce leaf. This did the trick 🙂

photo 2

After my Client Sessions yesterday I headed to Fry’s to pick up office supplies. While there, I ran into this KeVita, which a Client (thanks Jen!) had just told me about. It was delicious. It tasted like a mix between Sprite & Ginger Ale. I loved it!

photo 1

I stole this from my instagram feed yesterday (thanks Margot!). It’s SUCH a pretty photo of Ventura and I wanted you all to see it 🙂


Once I got home I had some chippy’s and salsa while waiting for Marco to come home from the Gym for dinner. I ate most of this.


Dinner was somewhat random. I asked Marco what sounded good and he said “Taco Bell.” I couldn’t have agreed more at the time, so I asked if he wanted it and he said “no, we can eat at home.” So, I made us something to taste like TB and… props to me… as he was eating it I got this awesome response “wow, this really does taste like Taco Bell.” YES!

I made canned refried beans with tapatio, sprinkled Mexican cheese, Organic sour cream, and iceberg lettuce. On the side we had a little extra beans. I had the leftover lettuce with a little bleu cheese, and one slice of an Ezekiel quesadilla which Marco ate the rest of. This was perfect.


For dessert, a dove dark chocolate 🙂

photo 3

Oh wait… no, dessert was a fruit smoothie from Blenders. Hehe. Marco & I went to his cousins last show for band. We got there about 20 minutes early, and instead of sitting in the heat we felt it was a better idea to split a smoothie from Blenders. The Strawberry.

I can’t avoid not saying anything about Marco’s face in this photo. What do you think his face is saying? Haha!

Alrighty everyone! I hope you have a great day and stay cool in this crazy heat. I’ll see ya tomorrow 🙂

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