The Holidays Are Not an Excuse, They’re Real Life

Hello everyone!

So, today I want to briefly talk about something that is coming up for a lot of you right now. I hear it all the time.

Feeling like you have to say “It’s the Holidays” to excuse yourself.

Feeling like your healthy eating hasn’t been perfect because “It’s the Holidays.”

Feeling like your exercise has been off because “It’s the Holidays” and you’re too busy.

Feeling like you’re stressed because “It’s the Holidays.”

Feeling like you’re eating too much sugar because “It’s the Holidays.”

Feeling like you’re eating out too much because “It’s the Holidays” and you’re always out and about.

It’s okay. Just give yourself a break. This is real life, you don’t have to have an excuse. Needing an excuse for your health sends a message to your brain that you’re doing something wrong. Excuses are a defense mechanism.

Let’s be real. This is life. It’s a busy time of year, and yes, we are probably eating out more, spending more time with family, baking more cookies, making more fudge, possibly hitting the Gym a little less… whatever it is,


Forgive yourself. Enjoy the Holidays, and just listen to your body the best you can. Up your self-care, and really spend time focusing more on the Season, your community, your family, having fun, and being festive. That’s really what it’s all about.


photo 1

9:00 2 eggs and 1 slice of toast

9:45 Step Class & weight-lifting

photo 2

12:30 tropical kale smoothie (I spy with my little eye…. Marco!)

photo 3

After Marco and I got smoothies we went to Jewelry Couture where we got my Wedding ring, got my ring cleaned, and picked up his wedding ring! Exciting 🙂

photo 4

Sparkle sparkle! This was something nice I did for myself for self-care week, which is happening with my Healthy Hits Coaching Girls!

photo 5

4:00 I made Marco and I Green Smoothie

photo 1

5:30 I had tea with a Client during our Session

photo 2

Plus two little saltine crackers with almond butter to hold me over

photo 3

My office 🙂

photo 4

7:00 was leftovers from Sunday night for me, and chili and fritos with cheese for Marco. He was in heaven.

So was I 🙂 Mind was a couple potato wedges, two small pieces of lemon butter chicken, and pasta with tomato sauce and basil leaves. Yummmmy 🙂 I was so happy I saved my food from Sunday!

Alright everyone! I’m calling it a night! See you back here tomorrow 🙂

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