The Hubby is Home Sick Today

lentil soup with toast

[Lentil Soup – Source (Recipe coming Monday!)]

Good-morning all! How are you? How has this week been?

Marco and I were in Ventura all weekend from Saturday through Wednesday (last night). We felt great all weekend but today, Marco woke up not feeling so hot – I’m thinking food poisoning? Because I don’t feel bad at all. I feel like I would be sick if he was sick?

I had planned my day out last night, so even though my Hubby stayed home and is sleeping in I stuck with my schedule (even more so now bc I know I’ll be the arms & legs around here today). After being gone Sat-Wed I knew I had quite a bit of to-do’s to accomplish before I start with a full day of Clients.

My day:

4:30 wake, coffee, & budget

6:00 leave for the gym

7:00 grocery shop

7:30 turn on the lentil soup in the CrockPot (dinner!)

7:45 breakfast

8:00 start work

12:00 lunch break

1:00 back to work

6:30 plan next day/close-up shop

7:00 OFF

I write this out the night before each work day (I don’t do this on weekend days) – it helps me SO much to get everything accomplished in a calm & orderly manner during the week. It helps me to feel like my to-do’s are more effortless. It takes the thinking out of the equation & I am able to just get stuff done. After 7:00, my night is totally open. I can read, jacuzzi, have dinner, watch movies, etc… It’s all unplanned from there… but let’s not kid ourselves I’m definitely going to be in bed by 8:30/9:00 because I woke up so early! Haha!

Tomorrow, I’d love to bring you all another Q+A Video!

  • But first, I need a Q! So, post your Q’s below in the comment section and I’ll choose one of those questions to answer in a YouTube Video tomorrow. Sign-up for my Newsletter to get it in your inbox first. Can’t wait to create this for you all!

Don’t forget to leave a question below.

Be well today!

xo, your coach


P.S. Finally Free is officially closed. You can get on the waiting list to find out about the next launch on our site. To work with me one on one, email me ( today.

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