The Importance of Self-Trust

A post all about the importance of self-trust. Explore the different ways self-trust can be broken and the steps to making value aligned promises to yourself.

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Have you ever thought about self-trust being a learned skill? I believe it is and it is gained by the choice to keep commitments we made. Yes, there is a time and place to change your goals and I go into that on the podcast linked below, but this post is going to focus on what exactly self-trust is and why we need it in our lives.

So what is self-trust?

I think it’s when we keep promises to ourselves, when we can be confident on our word to be good and trustworthy. Self-trust is felt when you look at your calendar and know you’ll most likely go to the events you penned in and keep working on the goals and projects you’ve started.

Self-trust is damaged when we go back on our word, when our promises go unmet to yourself. Making promises in the first place that are in alignment with the woman you to show up as and that allow you to experience your personal values in life is so important.

Self-trust essentially helps you become that woman you really want to experience life as. Do you see why practicing this skill of self-trust is so key now?

A simple practice to help you determine your values:

  1. Think about those mountain top experiences in life, when you felt on top of the world. What were you experiencing in that moment?
  2. Now think of moments in life you walked away feeling disappointed or even upset that something didn’t happen. What was NOT being experienced that you were sad was missing from those moments?

Your answers to the above questions can help you pinpoint what are YOUR personal values and this knowledge will make deciding what goals and commitments to make easier!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why it’s okay to change your mind sometimes when it’s done in a certain mindset
  • How I honor commitments confidently
  • What self-trust consists of
  • How excitement in goal setting and self-trust go hand in hand

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