The Last Exercise Tip You’ll Ever Need

Good morning beauties!

As you all know I love posting both information and daily life. So this post will contain first, an exercise tip & second, weekend life and things I loved about this past weekend. Just click “read more” for daily life 🙂

Exercise & the last tip you’ll ever need:

Keep track of your exercise with a blank monthly calendar.

Now, you might be wondering… blank? Does it have to be blank? Cant I just keep it in my planner? Well, if this is all you’ll do, then yes, but I’ve found it to be so much more effective to have an exercise calendar of it’s own.

Here’s how to create one:

  1. Get a clipboard
  2. Go to iCal on your computer
  3. File –> print
  4. Uncheck all of the Calendars so it comes out blank
  5. Uncheck mini-keys and mini-months
  6. It will print an entirely blank Cal (print 3-4 months at one time)
  7. Clip them into your clipboard
  8. Hang or lay your clipboard somewhere you’ll see it daily (mine is on my work desk)
  9. Each time you exercise, write your exercise in a square
  10. If you do not exercise, do not write “off” just leave it blank

What this does is set you up for success. It gives you a visual aid to show how much you’re making an effort to move your body.

I started this up again last October when I began my morning walking routine (not doing this now) with my friend Aubrey. It really got me into the habit of moving daily.

Now, my routine looks more like this (for now):

Monday — active rest day, walk at the beach

Tuesday — weights, back & biceps

Wednesday — run 2.3 miles, walking, abs

Thursday — weights, chest & triceps

Friday — run 2.3 miles, walking, abs

Saturday — run 2.3 miles, walking, abs

Sunday — weights, legs

(note: on cardio days I have a current goal of running 2.3 miles — 7 miles per week as it feels really empowering for me. It says walking also because I don’t run the 2.3 straight — I do walking in between.)

The reason I have an “active” rest day and only one of them is because I sit for my work. Upon hearing “Health Coach” you might think I have this super awesome, active, healthy job, but actually… my job is a desk job (it is super awesome though). Of course, it’s at home, so I can get up walk around, stretch, make healthy meals, etc… but I do sit a lot (I’m sitting right now as I write this to you). So, I like to move my body daily.

I just started the above routine 2 weeks ago, and it’s working out really well for me. Before, I was just doing another routine. I switch my routine up every season because I like to keep things fun. Plus with different seasons my body craves different activity — I’m totally a Spring runner (and that’s about the only season I like to run).

Did you enjoy this post? Let me know in the comments!

What does your exercise routine look like? Do you crave different activities as the seasons change?

Now for the daily life part of this post

photo 1

This weekend was so good. Last night, as we laid down to go to sleep I said to Marco: “I love that we get to have so much fun together on the weekends… they’re my favorite.” I made a list of 10 things I loved about this weekend (like a gratitude list):

  1. black coffee
  2. dressing up
  3. date night
  4. the movie The Other Woman
  5. Pinot Grigio
  6. jacuzzi + bikinis
  7. burgers + bikes
  8. technology-free
  9. fun conversation
  10. exercise

We always have so much time to talk, hangout, explore, go out, see family, etc… For us, the weekends are a time to just totally relax and do whatever we’d like — no kids, no work? We’re taking advantage of this time in our lives.

The skeleton of our weekends usually looks like this:


Since Marco usually works Friday nights, Saturday mornings are my time to sleep in, be cozy in my pajama’s, play on Pinterest, answer emails if I have extra free time, drink coffee, and also start on the more productive things if I have extra time like: start laundry, balance our checkbook, organize, Wedding plan, etc…

Then, once Marco is up we eat a late breakfast and hit the Gym together. When we get home, we usually get ready and go out for the rest of the day.

photo 2

This last Saturday we went to Lure Fishouse and got an amazing dinner! I had seared Ahi with spinach & a potato cake. Gah. So freaking good. New favorite when I’m feeling fancy.

photo 3

After dinner, we had time before our movie started so we went out for wine & beer. Marco doesn’t like wine 🙂 I stuck to Pinot Saturday night.

After our little drink date, we went and saw The Other Woman. Oh my gosh it was so funny… we loved it. We were cracking up the whole time. Who else saw it this weekend?


Sundays start with Church at 8:30. We usually sleep in until about 7:40 (no joke) get dressed, and head to Church. I always end up washing/doing my hair on Saturday’s, so I don’t have to wash it before Church Sunday. Ha! Typically, I only wash my hair every other day 😉

Plus, I don’t like spending a ton of time getting ready for Church because after Church we hit the Gym again. After the Gym, it’s the same as Saturday, but usually more relaxing.

Yesterday, we went to my cousins 2nd Birthday, washed Marco’s car (oh yea, Sunday is car washing day, too) and rode our bikes to Jacuzzi at his parents house. We had so much fun in the Jacuzzi. We stayed there for nearly and hour and just went back and forth with curious questions. We asked each other anything we could think of that we didn’t know about one another and got such a good laugh out of it. There’s always more to know even when you’ve been best friends for 9 years 🙂

After the Jacuzzi, we rode our bikes to get burgers & burritos from Mexican Express. Mexican Express is this itty bitty little place super close to our house that I had 100% forgotten about. I haven’t had it since my early HS years. It was so good. I couldn’t believe how good my burger was. I was in heaven!

Alright, so, there you have it. A look into the weekend, my current exercise routine, and a the last tip you’ll ever need to stay consistent with exercise. Just keep a blank calendar! I swear it works — you’ll want to get it as full as possible. It’s encouraging because you feel like you’re being rewarded when you get to fill up a square 🙂

Happy Monday!

Did you like this post? Be sure to let me know in the comments & share it with your friends who might like to start reading HHS for daily inspiration 🙂

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