The many faces of my office

My office has had many different looks. I have a few that I’ve pulled together here… but I definitely have not found them all.


In 2011


In early 2012 when I lived with my friend Aubrey


In late 2012 when I moved into my Studio Apartment


When I first moved into the 1 bedroom and got really busy with Health Coaching. Super organized, but zero room for things.


NOW! Ah, I can breathe, and work at the same time 🙂

It’s sooo nice to have room, and a place to put things! IKEA, you’re the best.


Yesterday’s eats started off with Green Smoothie early in the morning. I really, really water mine down.


Since I watered it down so much, I split it into two cups. BY THE WAY. The Green Smoothie recipe is coming soon as a blog post. Maybe Friday would be a good day to post it?


Yesterdays lunch was a great big salad with spring mix, romaine, avo, garbanzo beans, lentils, and bruschetta with cilantro dressing


Snacks were mango and cantaloupe

IMG_4581.JPG IMG_4582.JPG

Another snack during work (worked from home all day) was a scoop of protein powder with water. I do this sometimes on Tuesdays because I don’t get to eat until really late.

Last night I was off at 7:00, then went for a run, and then came home to cook dinner. So this was the perfect hold-me-over.


For dinner, we had something small because it was so late. Two small pieces of fish, 1/4 an avo each, and a scoop of quinoa and peas. I’m taking this for lunch today, but more quinoa so it will cary me through.

Alrightly guys. Today is a long workday. I’ll be gone from 6:30-9:00pm tonight. I’ve packed plenty, and did my workout yesterday. Gotta make it work, even when you’re busy. Have a great day!


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