The meal that helped me drop that first 11 lbs!

Look at my pretty, pretty candle! Kurts Mom, Jackie, bought this for me for helping to take care of him right after his surgery. How nice is that? It’s perfect, because I love candles! They’re soo nice to light early in the morning, or late at night when you just want to be chozied up & warm! I think I know what my morning is lookin’ like tomorrow 😉

Before dinner-yes, before- I had my Petite Treat. This little tiny gluten free snickerdoodle. So much of the Gluten-free food is miniature- so cute!

For dinner, I ate something that I used to eat all the time while I was first loosing weight. It’s funny, because so many girls are “anti-potato,” but really, this is one of the foods that seriously contributed to my weight loss! I always ate it pre-workout, and it gave me TONS of energy for the gym.

The first month I lost weight, I ate this every single day. I didn’t know much about eating healthy, so I hate about a handful of things that I would just repeatedly make. Breakfast: Balance shake; Lunch: Balance Bar; After School: baked potato with tomato or brocolli and cheese; then Gym; then Dinner: Salad with some kind of lean meat chopped up on top. I lost 11 lbs this first month from eating like this, and having Friday as a cheat day (although I was usually still pretty good).

This baked potato has 1 tomato, zero butter, sprinkled 3-cheese blend on top, and a dallop of daisy plain greek yogurt! So yummy! I like eating cheese with this one because it just seems to hold me over even longer.

After dinner, I wanted something warm, again! I am realizing how much Coffee I drink from these pictures today… sheesh lady! At least this one was decaf- almost!

This mix has a little bit of instant coffee in it, but it’s absolutely delicious! I just use a small spoonful of the mix, some almond milk, and decaf coffee. Yum! 

My next event of the night was watching my sweet Chloepie! She was riding her horse around all night.

Whenever she fell, she would said “Oops, the horse fell down! I’m okay!” Haha, it was too cute!

To end my night, I snacked on a banana as I’m digging through my books doing homework. This is the LAST WEEK of Anatomy and Physiology! I cannot believe how fast that flew by! It’s nuts!

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