The perfect container to pack a school lunch

Taking lunch to school. Sometimes it seems like something that’s a little difficult, or inconvenient

It’s easy to throw a bar and some nuts in your backpack, but what about when you want to take a good, filling lunch?

I recommend this Ziploc containter! It’s so easy, and so convenient!

My best friend gave me this one, but you can buy them at Target. Just a few dollars for a 2-pack.

In my lunch I packed: a simple turkey sandwich and cottage cheese & pinepple

I didn’t put anything too fancy on my sandwich. Just the basics, because sometimes that just sounds better! This one has Ezekiel bread, a little mayo, mustard, turkey, & lettuce

It’s important to pack a healthy lunch, because it will help you stay more satisfied all day, and you won’t go crazy at dinner. Plus, you’ll be less of a hangry pants from 3-5 (that time where you start to get hungry!)

See how convenient? Perfect to pack for you, or your kids! For all you Moms & Dads packing school lunches, or sending your kids to school to buy lunch, bravo! Lunch is important!

Love, Paige

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