The Perfect Late Night Snack

Hello everyone 🙂 Hope you’ve all had a wonderful day! I worked from home today, which I love! All Health Coaching 🙂

Okay, so yesterday!


I woke up with my Coffee, Almond Milk + Agave, and had some quiet time


For breakfast, I made soyrizo…. tacos?… Quesadillas?….Cracker breads?


I tried to make burritos, but the Lavash got too crunchy when I heated it, so they turned into… this 🙂

“This” tastes delicious. I actually took the top layer off of “this” and ate it open faced, which I thought was even better because I could taste all of the flavors so well


For lunch, I had leftover Pesto Cracker bread that I made… Oh my gosh… sooo good!


I had it with a side salad of Spinach, Balsamic & Olive Oil, + Mandarin Oranges


As an afternoon fill me up, I had Green Smoothie. Mmmmm!

For dinner, I had a Corn and Black Bean Enchilada with an Avocado Guac style

I babysat last last night, so about 4 hours after dinner, I was hungry again and ready to devour the cupboards. Instead of doing that 😉 I made a bowl of Maple Oats (an instant pack) + a slice of Multigrain Toast. I finished the toast, but could only eat half the Oats. It was the perfect nighttime treat.

Have you ever had Oatmeal late at night when snacky? (It works well!)


Love, Paige

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