The Power of a Reframe

Learn how to reframe thoughts that aren’t serving you or that aren’t true. Today I share a personal example of my own incredibly freeing transformation in this area. 

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Has someone ever helped you to change your perspective of something? By simply pointing something out you never thought of before?

Sometimes even a sentence can be so insightful and profound! Life changing, even.




One way we can set ourselves up for this transformation is by inviting in the thoughts of others. Intentional community can be such an immense gift to us.

Recently, I attended a Mom’s Group at my church. Around the table during the sharing section, I openly talked with the women in my group about something I was having a hard time understanding when it came to my daughter, Selah.

A women spoke up after I shared and what she said, shed sooooo much light on my situation. A thousand light bulbs went off in my mind because of her personal perspective of my situation and how she interpreted what Selah was doing, and most important, WHY she was doing it.

At her words, I felt a rush of relief flood my entire being. The same feeling you get when you finally get a glass of ice water, after having been in the heat and craving the refreshment for awhile.

In what life area would you love to expeienince insight and a change mindset in?

After you identity an area, ask yourself who would be a good person to ask for their two cents on the situation? Even if you have to ask a few people to find that “gem answer,” I encourage you to utilize community and the beauty of people having different perspectives to share with us!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What Selah has been doing around the house
  • What the woman at the Mom’s Group shared with me specifically

Mentioned in this Episode:

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