The Power of Consistency

Consistency is such a gift that you give yourself.

This week on the podcast I’m sharing some ideas on how to be more consistent and I’m also over emphasizing the benefits of consistency because I believe it matters that much.

know there are things you’d love to be consistent with.

Perhaps it’s getting dressed in something that energizes you each day.

Finding a workout you love enough to do regularly.

Cooking pleasurable meals that leave you feeling SO good and satisfied.

On the podcast this week I’m talking about The Power of Consistency–my hundredth episode!

Thank you for helping me to get to this point! Consistency is what got me here and it feels good to celebrate!

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You know how good you feel when you’re consistent with the things that matter most.

What are some things, that when you’re consistent with them, leave you feeling your very best?

For me, I’d say those things are:

  • waking up early and having a cup of coffee (or tea) in peace
  • reading my Bible and journaling
  • running, walking, or moving by body in some feel-good way
  • listening to music throughout the day
  • lighting a candle and making tea at the end of the day
  • saying yes to FUN with friends

All of these things leave me feeling great. When I do them consistently, I feel happier overall and my life is filled with more ease.

What are those things for you?

Here’s a new perspective for pursuing something you’d like to be consistent with, for those of you worrying it won’t stick:

The same you that created it is the same you that can maintain it.


This thought is a lot more empowering than what you may have going through your mind in not-so-bright moments:

I won’t keep this up. I never have, never do.

Some of my clients have expressed to me before working together: “My biggest fear is that I’ll sign-up but won’t do the work to actually change.”

Stop yourself right there if you are thinking “Yeah I’ve totally had all of these thoughts.”

The first and most important step to change is seeing yourself differently. If you see yourself as someone who is not consistent, you will prove this to be true over and over.

I love the moment my client prove her pre-coaching fear wrong, as she catches a glimpse of herself doing something old a new way, and notices she is showing up as the woman she wanted to be.

Imagine yourself–just for a moment–as the most consistent woman you know (in the areas that make the brightest difference, bring the most joy, and help you create a life you love!).

I’m not telling you to jump from “I’m so inconsistent” to “I’m the most consistent person I know”. But I am asking you to imagine what if would feel like to be that woman.

If it lights you up to think about, it’s a desire you’re craving on a deep level.

Growth doesn’t have to feel so hard. In fact, it should and can be a pleasurable experience.

Creating(not fixing!) the woman you want to be is empowering, fun, exciting!

Listen to the episode and let me know what you think!

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