The rest of my first “g-free” day!

So, here is the rest of my first Gluten-Free day! Oh, and before I start… the bread that I posted this morning IS INDEED from Trader Joes! 😉

I woke up today feeling like a cold was coming on, so I did everything in my power to stop it… as you can see! I most definitely visited Larry today 😉

I also picked up this Green powder from TJ’s, and am going to start putting a little of this in all the water that I drink. You get better hydrated when you put “food” in your water. And yes, food is: apple juice, green powder, etc… not actual food… unless you want?

Before picking up Griffin today, I snacked on about 1/3 of a LARABAR, because I knew I wanted to come home and make a real lunch. This was leftover in the fridge.. so I grabbed it just to stop my growling tummy 😉

For lunch, I made gluten-free pasta for me and Kurt. I’m sure you’ll be hearing that name thrown around the blog a bit more 😉

It was super good! I was really hesitant when I bought this today, because I wasn’t sure if it was going to be as tasty/soft as normal pasta. It was soo good! I actually liked it better than brown-rice pasta. I’m going to give brown-rice pasta a try within the next few days and see which one is better.

This one did not have a corn flavor at all. It was really good! Even Kurt liked it! I told him he is going to be trying a lot of new gluten-free things, because I’m ready to experiment! He didn’t argue with that.. 😉

I’m super excited to start trying new gluten-free foods! If you guys have suggestions, send them my way!

I even bought a new gluten-free bread today that I’ll be posting about soon! I think I’ll try it tomorrow 🙂

For dinner I grabbed one pack of rice, and one pack of soybeans from my house. I had to babysit tonight, and by the time I got there I was starving!

These spiced soybeans are super tasty from TJ’s. Have you guys ever had them? My favorite was when they used to carry g-free jambalaya in a bag like this.. sad that they no longer do!

This is a super simple, filling dinner. It’s an easy thing to take when you’re out the door, doin something like babysitting. I always bring an extra container for my left-overs too. These two bags together make quite a bit.

Later in the evening, I wanted a little snack, so I grabbed a handful of g-free cereal they had at their house. This was just the thing to satisfy me. SO glad I can still have some cereal 😉

Okay, well! That’s it for tonight! I hope you have all had a wonderful day, and I will be back tomorrow! Sweet dreams!

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