The Restaaa Yestaaaday

Yesterday was a comfort food day for sure! First my big hearty lunch, then cookies, then some un-pictured kettle chips.


I came home, got lots of stuff done around the house, got all packed, then sat down several hours later and had 1.5 cookies with a nice Chai latte.

After that I went and picked up Griff, and while I was watching him we talked about KONY 2012.

If you all haven’t heard of it, please watch the Video, and start sharing.. It’s so great that so many people are spreading the word.


After watching Griffster, I headed to a Body Works Class at my gym. I didn’t think I was going to get to the gym yesterday, but when my Mom called and told me that my Dad was going to be sleeping for a while, I figured I ought to go do something to make myself feel good!

By the way, his surgery went well, he is in pain, but he is hanging in there! I am going to see him again this morning before I take off to San Diego. I hate that I have to leave him while he’s like this but I don’t have a choice. Time crunch! Thankful to have such an amazing, caring Momma to stay by his side!


After the gym, I came home, grabbed some things for my Dad, packed a quick bowl of Oats to take babysitting, and a LARABAR


I packed these Overnight Oats Style (everything in one container) and then just boiled about 2/3 cup of water at the house and added the mixture for a minute or so until it was heated.


This worked just as good as any other Oats. This is going to be my new to-go Oatmeal trick!


I packed a few toppings on the side. Soy-nut energy blend and white chocolate chips.


It’s about 5:45am right now as I am typing this post, and little Noah is keeping cozy right next to my bedroom door.


Is he watching over me? Hehe, time to get get breakfast started and get ready for the day!

Be right back!

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