The Return of ‘Daily Eats’ for Today

Good-morning girls!

It sounded fun to do a ‘Daily Eats’ post today, and share about my day yesterday (Tuesday).

The day started off with some quiet time at the kitchen table & a cup of coffee. Devotional (Jesus Calling), praying for the people I love (in this cute journal!), reading my bible (I’m in Romans), and then journaling about my day, and how I’d like it to go (one of my NYI’s).

Note to self: do another post on how you’re doing with your NYI’s just like this one. 

After that, I wrote my Tuesday blog post.

breakfast burrito

Once I was done blogging, I made breakfast. Breakfast was:

  • whole wheat tortilla with:
  • eggs
  • Straus Family sour cream
  • salsa

Super simple with what we had left in the fridge!

After breakfast I did our grocery shopping at Whole Foods. I’m convinced that it’s either gotten cheaper, or I just never realized that it’s really not much diff that TJ’s! Plus, the portions are bigger…. HMMM…. Have I been tricked? 🙂

Marco helped me put away groceries when I got home & then we went to the Gym together.

bean and cheese burrito

After the gym I worked for about 3 hours and then took a break to make us lunch. Lunch was a bean & cheese burrito:

  • small, whole wheat tortilla
  • Organic refried beans
  • a sprinkle of cheese
  • Straus Family sour cream
  • a handful of fresh cilantro
  • salsa

We’ve been so into burritos/wraps lately. They’re just SO easy and filling.

turkey meat tacos with rice and beans

I worked from 11:00-7:00 and then made dinner for me & the Hubby. We had tacos with beans & rice on the side. Yum, yum! Our tacos:

  • corn tortillas fried in grape-seed oil
  • ground turkey (I like beef too, just wanted a change) with taco seasoning
  • cilantro
  • sour cream
  • pico de gallo
  • green salsa verde
  • a sprinkle of cheese on each

turkey meat tacos

After dinner Marco & I cuddled up in bed and watched Horrible Bosses 2. So many laughs. I love that movie! I thought it was better than the first (and I loved the first also!). Would anyone agree with me!? 

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I hope you girls have a BEAUTIFUL day.

See you here tomorrow 🙂

xo, your coach


Love, Paige

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