The Simplest Way to Make Any Green Smoothie!

fruit smoothie with natalies juice 2

I’ve always been a milk (almond, soy, coconut) in smoothies kinda Gal. Until I got a fridge full of Natalie’s! My new favorite all-natural, no preservatives or added sugars, juice! Natalie’s only uses Florida local fruit!

fruit smoothie with natalies juice 5

Did you guys see this picture that I posted on Instagram? Holy heck! Want to come share?

fruit smoothie with natalies juice 2

Have you ever bent down to pick something up thinking it was super light only to grab it and almost feel stuck because it was SO much heavier than you expected? That’s what happened when I got my first ever shipment of Natalie’s. Ha!

fruit smoothie with natalies juice 4

Let me just tell you… my Husband & I are in love. I asked Marco this week “should I add more milk to the grocery list? You don’t have much left.” His response: “No, I really like having this juice more!” No milk…? Marco? Are you there?

fruit smoothie with natalies juice 3

I’ve been adding Natalies juice to my smoothies, and have been experimenting with all the flavors. Here’s what I discovered: you can make a simple green smoothie recipe with ANY Natalie’s juice with one basic recipe.

  • 6-8 oz Natalies Juice (literally, ANY flavor – I’ve been trying them all!)
  • 1/2 c. blueberries
  • 2 c. spinach
  • 1 banana

fruit smoothie with natalies juice

I’ve been making this recipe (doubled) for my Husband and I in the middle of each day & it’s been the perfect pick me up! Plus, the juice is JUST great when I’m cravings something sweet. I open one up, take a sip or two, and save the rest for my next sweet craving.

We’re going to do a giveaway today! Here’s what you’ll likely be getting!

A cute little gift basket with goodies:

  • some juice
  • coupons depending on where you’re located
  • a shirt
  • coffee mug
  • and possibly a couple of their newest products!

All you need to do, is complete this 4 step loop –

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As always, if you don’t have twitter or FB you’re NOT excluded from this giveaway. You can at least sign-up to be VIP & comment below. We still love you! Just be *honest* and let me know in the comments.

This giveaway will run through Friday. I’ll announce the winner here on the blog!

You’re going to love this stuff!

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