The Steps I Took to Redo My Entire Wardrobe

Today I am sharing the exact steps I took to redo my entire wardrobe one quarter at a time. I now have fewer items that are higher quality and a closet that while smaller, is full of things I love plus feel great in. Copy my steps if you’d like! Enjoy!

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I’ve mentioned a few times on Instagram how I’m LOVIN’ my new closet that I’ve been working on re-doing ever since Selah was six months old. As people have noticed my wardrobe changing, I’ve been asked about it. Some of you even requested a whole podcast episode on the topic – so that’s what I did! If you’d like the full run down of what I’ve been doing when it comes to building my dream closet, check out episode #70 on the podcast, linked below.

One of the steps I started doing when I began my intentional shopping journey (you can hear ALL the steps in the podcast episode) was NOTICE the fashion around me. The clothes I saw online. The clothes I saw friends wearing. I’d ask questions like, “Where did you get that?” I wanted to get to know the style that was ME, that was most aligned with the woman I was. And getting to know myself in this area began with asking others for help to point me in the right direction of where clothes could be found that I was often drawn to. Most of the clothes I found myself gravitating towards actually came from Madewell!

“Do you just like that on her? Would you actually like to wear it, Paige?” I would ask myself. “Would it fit your lifestyle of being an active mother?” I want to wear clothes that allow me to squat down on the floor with Selah and play with her. Clothes that I can be active in and don’t need to change for a bike ride for. Cute AND comfortable are equally as important factors to me!

I also started doing big shops online, then trying on the clothes in the comfort of my own home. Sigh, the lighting in a store change room can really change how clothes look, right?! Trying them on in a enjoyable environment really helped me decipher if I liked the clothes in real life or not. Then I ONLY kept the pieces I loved and returned the ones that missed the mark for me.

When I knew each quarter I’d be doing another big shop online to buy clothes for the upcoming weather season, it made it easier to not get hung up at Target and buy something simply because it was on sale, since I knew I would be buying clothes I LOVED at my next quarter shop online.

Buying some wooden hangers was key in having more respect and care for the clothes I bought and loved. It made my closet feel more sophisticated, elevated, more aligned with my thirty year old self.

I have had SO much fun designing this new closet with intentionality. I’m greatly aligned with the colors, fabrics, textures and styles I have now and get VERY excited to get ready each morning!

At the start of this process (which isn’t done yet) I visualized my future self. I took note of what she was wearing and the expression on her face as she wore those things. I borrowed information from her so I could start making fashion choices today in alignment with her. Since I know I LOVE being the woman I visualize, decision making as her is always a wise choice!

Tune in to the podcast to hear everything else I’ve been implementing in this area. Episode #70 is packed with practical tips to help you get started building a closet your truly enjoy, too!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why I use self visualization for even my shopping choices
  • Practical steps to do your own intentional closet experiment 
  • How I have cut my get ready routine down from 1 hour to 20 minutes 
  • Why I think it’s so important to buy clothes that fit your now body

Mentioned in this Episode:

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