The Thoughts You Begin With

The Thoughts You Begin With Are the Thoughts You End With

A few months ago, I spoke about my reflections of 2020 and all the blessing I have received over the year. I received a lot of messages from readers after that saying how much they loved that I see blessings in life and focus on the positives. To me, focusing on the good feels good. I like focusing on the positives because it makes me feel good.

I think this shift in how I view life started when I began journaling. When I journal, I always end with the good in life. I always end with gratitude. I’m able to look back in my journals and see that I have made it through all of the hardships in my life, so I believe that everything I face in the future will work out.

Because of this view, I always want to do things that bring me joy, and to surround myself with things that make me so happy-even the potted plant right next to me!

So, as you’re making a goal or reaching for something new, you want to make sure that your thoughts you think you’re going to have at the other side of that goal are the same thoughts that you begin with.

For example, if you want to get to a place in your business where you feel calm, creative, have healthy boundaries, and you feel in control, you want to start your business where you already value those goals and thoughts. You don’t want to start your business in a place of negative emotion or burnout and then think that you can work your way into a place of positive thoughts.

The same thing works for your body. You can’t want to change your body in a place of negative thoughts thinking that when you get to your “goal weight”, your thoughts will be positive.

The thoughts you begin with are the thoughts you end with.

Now, this isn’t about positive thinking or only thinking positive thoughts. Toxic positivity does not move you towards living your best life. This is about where we are choosing to focus our attention and know that we have the power to choose what we are thinking about now.

If you want to see the good in life, you can choose that by thinking about the good. But you don’t have to avoid the negative emotions-in fact that is the opposite of what you should do. Instead, trust that all emotions are a part of life, and it’s okay to feel them. This allows you to return to the joy after.

Each day, choose your thoughts deliberately. You cannot beat yourself up to get to a place where you love yourself. The thoughts you begin with are the thoughts you end with.

So get really clear on how you want to feel when you reach that goal, and start thinking those thoughts now.

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