The Very Best Pancakes

Now, I know we all love our Tone It Up Pancakes, my Healthy Pancake (my 2nd favorite), and Polenta Pancakes, but we need to be introduced to a new one… even if you save it for when you want to impress your guests 🙂


Kodiak Cakes. The instructions are simple. 1 cup mix, 1 cup water.


And, the ingredients. I can understand almost everything in there 😉


I picked up my Kodiak Cakes at Target. I am sure you can find them in grocery stores too?

The first time I ever learned about Kodiak Cakes was last Christmas at my Uncle Dennis’ house. He made us the best Waffles ever. After that, I had this mix on my mind, and bought it in Feb to make Marco Birthday Pancakes. I’m in love with them.


My only wish is that they had a gluten-free mix, as I am trying to explore the gluten-free realm a bit more. Does anyone know of a good gluten-free, dairy free pancake brand? I want to find one that you don’t have to mix eggs into.


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