The Way I Think/Eat

Good morning everyone 🙂 Hope you slept good, and if it’s raining where you are, I hope you’re enjoying the rain! Ooo… Some of you are even getting snow! It’s super wet and rainy here, and I love it! Soo cozy…

Before I say anything else, I would like to recognize that yesterday was one week since Marco and I have been engaged 🙂 The planning continues! It’s going by really fast…!

This post is going to go into just a little bit more detail about how I think/eat through the day, because I know seeing how I listen to my body has given some of you peace of mind.

Yesterday for breakfast, I wasn’t super hungry, but I new I wanted to eat something. Eating breakfast is so important to me. It stabilizes my hunger all throughout the day, and especially throughout the morning. I don’t always have an appetite when I wake up, even if I am hungry. I just make what sounds best. I eat breakfast as close to waking up as possible


Breakfast: 1 piece toasted Brown Rice Bread with 1/2 tbs. almond butter and 1 tsp. honey


Lunch: 1/2 a sandwich with soup

  • 1 piece toasted multigrain bread with 1 slice cheese, 1 slice tomato, 2 pieces basil, and 1 tsp. mayo


  • 1 cup of Roasted Bell Pepper and Tomato soup 🙂

The coffee peaking in behind there is from Crushcakes in Carpinteria. Earlier yesterday morning I met with my dear friend and counselor Chelsey. This is the same sweet counselor that I talk about in my story. She is such a blessing. I feel so lucky to have her in my life.


After lunch, I went to my afternoon job and while the kids were watching TV asking for snack after snack, I decided I wanted a snack too. Not out of hunger, at all… But I did want something to munch on 🙂

I picked veggie sticks, poured some in a bowl and joined the kido’s. This kept me from sitting down and enjoying the whole bag 😉


After my Job, I went for my second Coffee Date of the day, but got tea. I met my friend Jade (Hi Jade!!) and we talked for an hour or so. We always try to get in a Coffee date each week, and this week we got in two! Yay 🙂

I got a Winterdream Tea Latte with 1/2 the powder….. Yuuuuuuuummmmm! You can also ask for Christmas in a cup and they will know what it is 🙂

I wait for these to come out every year! My absolute favorite!


After Coffee, before the Gym I had a PB Larabar. My tummy was startin’ to grumble and I didn’t want to be too hungry at the Gym. I do not like working out hungry.

Speaking of Gym, I have been consistently lifting weights for almost two months now! I can’t believe that… A while back when I was talking about “Girls and Weightlifting” I never thought I’d be doing this good soon after. I do feel really great! I will say, lifting weights really helps with having a healthy mindset. It gives you more confidence and makes you worry less about the number on the scale. I know the scale is a really hard thing for a lot of girls..


For dinner, I had Spanikopita’s and Stir-Fry. Totally random meal, but I wanted some Veggies with my Spanikopitas! We were out of Asparagus like I had planned


And of course, Siracha was involved!

Who loves Siracha?!

Picture 1

Love, Paige

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