The woman who changed my view on self-love

The Woman Who Changed My View on Self-Love

Story time about the woman who first inspired me to love food and stop counting calories, nearly 10 years ago.

(I can hardly believe it’s been nearly 10 years since I stopped counting calories!)

This woman was the first example of food freedom to me.

She cared about her health… but in the most non-obsessive and loving way. She had the deepest appreciation, passion and love for food.

I so distinctly remember her teaching me to smell the flavors of everything we were cooking: the minced garlic, the rosemary we’d just cut from a bush in her yard, and the freshly picked strawberries she’d just brought home from the farmers market.

I can almost smell it now as I write to you…

Her attitude around food, health, and taking care of herself was filled to the brim with appreciation, nurturing, and a gentle sweetness.

In her front yard, she had a garden that she’d go into almost every time I would visit. She’d have me get my hands in the dirt and pick tomatoes, kale, or rhubarb (which I’d never heard of before meeting her).

She’d often have friends over for dinner and I’d help her cook. She intentionally involved me, which I so appreciate today. We’d cook things like: pizza, filet mignon and “smashed potatoes,” or blueberry crisp for dessert.

Everything we’d make was done in such a way that was full of love, attention, and flavor. She loved to teach. She taught me about different foods, spices to use, and how to keep things simple and beautiful.

There was never any fear around food. No counting. No “good” or “bad” foods. She used real ingredients like butter, olive oil (lots and lots of olive oil!), sea-salt, real cane sugar… (in fact, she usually dropped a sugar cube in her morning cappuccino).

She treated herself with love… and I wanted that. I could see that she was healthy, happy and at peace.

She enjoyed her food. She delighted in the flavor of everything she cooked. She tried new things at restaurants. She experimented.

She took herself on daily brisk walks. She’d challenge herself with a sweaty spin class and rave about it (you could tell there was no punishment in her exercise – it was all fun for her. She appreciated the challenge).

She never complained about feeling “too full.” She seemed so balanced to me. So happy. So free.

So right…

When we ate things like ice cream. She’d have some if she wanted it and she’d say “no thank you” if she didn’t.

Everything seemed so easy. I wanted what she had.

This week my friend and client, Kristin Dovbniak, had me on her podcast and I talked a lot about this woman and how she inspired me.

  • We talked about intuitive eating and how it’s not okay to shame anyone for eating what feels good for them.
  • Kristin had me speak about how the way we are with money is the way we are with food (fascinating).
  • I spoke about money and spending related to our values (and how to determine your values by first identifying what brings you joy).
  • We covered my own story with dieting and how I got out of it (I hope this inspires you and shows you that I can relate to you).

It’s an incredible conversation that I encourage you to download to your phone and listen to this week as you take yourself for a long walk (I did exactly this today and it was lovely).

Head to iTunes here to grab it now, or find it on Kristin’s website here.

I’d love to hear what you think after you give it a listen!

Thanks for being here. I appreciate you!

Love, Paige

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