The Woman You Want To Be

This will inspired you to BECOME the woman you want to be.

This week we’re talking about WHY it is important to daily live into the woman you want to be. We talk about small ways to start being this woman TODAY and shares the belief that it is possible to feel CALM as you grow into exactly who you want to be; it is possible to stay focused on the things in life that are MOST important to you (your family, your faith, your self-care) as you work toward your biggest dreams and visions.

The Woman You Want To Be

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Selah and I went shopping last week, and I parked in the parking structure, walked to the parking meter, entered in my license number and clicked “two hours free”. “Thank you!” I thought. “How nice – two hours free!”

Then, I grabbed my parking pass and looked at the numbers and tears welled up in my eyes and a HUGE smile overcame my face.

11:27 am on Saturday 11/27 with two hours of free parking until 1:27 pm

If I’ve never told you this, my favorite number combination it’s 11:27. It has been since I was about 13 years old.

It’s a number I see everywhere and every time I see it, it acts as a little confirmation from God for me. Like “Hey, I see you, and you’re on the right path.”

I’m saving that parking pass because it’s a symbol that the direction I’m headed right now is the right one.

The woman I am today? She’s the woman I wanted to be two years ago. I’m her. I’m the woman I wanted to be.

Finally, this is it, I’m here.

And now, my brain is revealing the next level. And it feels good.

It’s a whole-body-lit-up, so-ready-to-say-yes sort of feeling.

And I love every bit of it.

I’m going to keep following, and I’m going to keep saying yes. Because that’s how I get to the next me, Every. Single. Time.

And you can too.

So, I hope that this week you will reach into every corner of yourself and experience feeling lit-up in that same way. 

I hope you feel inspired and lit up as you listen. In fact, if something lights you up as you listen, will you commit to just one thing? Listen to what lights you up. Decide now that when you feel it, you will follow.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How you can start stepping into the woman you want to be
  • Why it’s important to take daily steps towards your goal-think of the small things that will lead toward the larger picture.

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