These things make me happy… :)


Hi all! Hope you guys had a happy weekend! I worked a ton, but actually loved it! It was a good weekend with the kido’s!


This morning, because of the lack of Coach’s Oats in our Kitchen, I threw together the next best thing. Cereal (Uncle Sam’s!!) with Almond Butter and Rice Milk. This isn’t as good at Overnight Oats, but it will suffice.

Ps, I’m addicted to ONO’s right now, they make me really happy!

Pss, speaking of things that make me happy, here are a few things making me really happy right now!

1) 90210. The new one. I’m addicted! Thank you Netflix and my iPad (with many fingerprints on it)


2) Bloggers being written about the Ventura County Star. YAY!


3) My Health Coaching Website being born! Services offered in Decemeber

  • If you live in the US and have emailed me a Health History, and you’re still interested in having a Health Coach, go ahead and email me at There are a few things we can do early 🙂


4) Smoothie-ing through my days. I’ve been going smoothie crazy! I’ve been having at least one a day. Spinach too!


5) It’s Thanksgiving this week, and I get to think even more about what I’m thankful for

  • All of you!
  • My amazing boyfriend
  • My family
  • My friends
  • My brother and his girlfriend getting to live with us right now
  • My babies (doggies)
  • My job (love my kids!)
  • My other job, love my Health Coaching
  • My hobby, love my blog!
  • My everything in my whole life 😉
  • That my Health Coaching business in itself will be a continuous thanksgiving (Gratitude + Food)

6) Life. Life is making me really happy. Gratefulness is truly the only thing that can turn around an attitude, and I am a firm believer. When you’re having a hard time, turn around and look at the things you do have. I’ve had to do this a lot within the past month, and it’s really paying off… my heart is feeling overwhelmed with joy. And not just the fluffy happy feeling. True, deep joy, that will be there no matter what my circumstance.

I love you all. Thank you for your constant love and support through Healthy Hits the Spot. Me and the blog, we are really grateful for you 🙂

Have a wonderful day! Maybe I’ll see you again this evening! Or maybe I won’t… I am going to see Twilight..

Marco was begging me to go see it this morning… so I said “Okaaaaay…. if you insist!”

Picture 1

Psss, Twilight was actually my friends idea. Double date tonight 🙂 We all know I’d be dead if I actually said that Twilight was Marco’s idea, haha!

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