Things You Should Care About This Weekend

Okay, so, maybe you should care. If you love this blog, like I do, then yes, you may care! 🙂

I run into this habit sometimes of thinking that every one of you gets the chance to read my blog daily. I tend to forget that we’re all pretty busy and don’t have a chance to just stop and read blogs daily — I know I don’t.

So, here’s what I’ve decided to do today. Give you the weekend to catch up! Here are the things I’ve posted about this week:

  1. The crazy-honest thing that one little girl said to me, and the way Marco and I got killed in scattergories
  2. How you can be nice when you’re PMSing
  3. I’m have a Sugar Kickin’ Group Program coming up. You should get on the list for details!
  4. The best of Healthy Hits Wedesnday — by the way, you should participate next week! Five more will be featured

A coupe new-found blogs I think you just might love!

  1. What Would Jessica Eat – Jessica and I met last week, and she was just recently re-inspired to start blogging. Go show her some support!
  2. Nutrition Nut on the Run – I will be guest posting for Hilary in the next month while she is traveling. I’ll make sure to let you all know here!

Okay, and now, if you’re wondering what I’ve been eating & doing… maybe you are, maybe you’re not… but for those of you who are, here you go 🙂

salad and sandwich
smoothie selfie sandwich with friend

Yesterday, I had lunch with my dear friend Maria Ricci, who I am mentoring as she goes through IIN. She took me to Royal Bakery in Ventura, which actually, I need to add to my Healthy Hits Ventura List. There, I ordered a turkey sandwich with no cheese, and sundried tomato bread. Yum!

organic strawberries

She also brought me Organic strawberries that she picked up on her way to meet me. Ah, you’re a doll Maria!

HHS palate

Is this not the prettiest photo? Well, I’ve been looking hard for great color inspiration for Healthy Hits the Spot. I’ve really wanted to create a great color palette, that will make all of you think of HHS when you see the colors. You know, how you think of fast-food when you see red & yellow together? They do that on purpose, you know!

Mine will be a little different 😉


Alright everyone! Have a great weekend!

This weekend, I am:

  1. Having Coffee with a friend
  2. Getting my hair done
  3. Going to a BBQ, which I am in charge of making salad for
  4. Church on Sunday
  5. Hanging out with my best friend – guess who 🙂

Leave a comment below, and let me know which of this weeks posts you loved the most and I’ll do more of them!

PS. I’m thinking of possibly starting YouTube Q & A videos. Just maybe. If I see enough demand from all of you!

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