Thinking About Food All the Time

To The One Who Wants to be Free, But Doubts if it's Possible For You... Paige Schmidt Shares How to Ditch Diets and Find Food Freedom.

To the one who wants to be free, but doubts if it’s possible for you…

I know you want to be free of thinking about food all the time. I know you think that “listening to your body” sounds like a nice (even WONDERFUL) idea… but I also know that you’re so unsure if it’s for you. “Would that really work?”

You teeter between “do I want to diet?” and “I just don’t want to care!” and you feel discouraged.

When you get a taste of listening to your body, without rules, you LOVE it. You get a taste of what’s possible.

But then just as soon as you begin to enjoy it, it goes too far. It turns into a binge and once again you’re led to believe that you’re out of control.

That you need a diet (or a *set of rules*) to tell you what to do. To take the thinking out of it. For a moment, you believe that would be easier. 

Until you start the diet… and once again you’re several days in and you feel controlled. It’s not as fun and magical as you believed it would be. You’re tired, low-energy, and you’re BORED. You want something more. The frustration returns. You JUST want to have fun and be happy. You feel lost and wonder why it’s so hard for you when it seems so easy for other people. 

You want freedom, but you’re not sure how to get there. I know. I’ve been there. This WAS me. This IS so many of my clients when they first come to me. 

I know it feels far away and you’re not sure how to get there (and you also wonder if freedom is just something that’s possible for those OTHER-people… trust me, I wondered (and many times believed) the same thing… but freedom IS possible for you. I KNOW it’s hard to see it. It was for me too.

Hang in there. One day you will taste the freedom that continues into the rest of your life and you will be eternally grateful to the YOU right now who chose to go a different way. You will be eternally grateful for the you, right now, who chose to put in the mental work to make the changes. Who chose to invest in herself and get support. The you who took the journey to create a different future for herself. 

I know, because this was me. And I am eternally grateful to my past self, who in 2010, decided to make a change (and a lot of them). Because of her, I get to live in freedom today.

I have a couple of resources that I know will help you… 

  1. If you’re looking for a quick burst of encouragement to help you shift your inner critic and self-talk in the next 10-days, dive into Authentically You (you start the moment you join).
  2. If your gut is telling you that it’s finally time to get one on one support — that you need a guide and loving/gentle accountability (a hand to hold yours) — my six-month program may be for you. Take a look at it HERE, and if it feels right book a free Discovery Session by filling in your info on that page. Let’s see what ELSE is possible for you.

“I can’t even begin to describe all the ways my life has been changed by working with Paige. She has taught me to listen to myself in a way I never have before. 

Immediately after my first session I felt more at ease, like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. One of the things that Paige helped me realize is that I did not need to be perfect with the changes I was making. Prior to working with Paige, whenever I tried to make a change to my habits, it was all or nothing. Whenever the first ‘failure’ occurred, I would throw the whole new habit out the window. Paige showed me how to have compassion for myself and for my journey to change. I would recommend Paige’s six-month program to anyone who is looking to make lasting, impactful change in their life. What you should know most about Paige as your coach is that she truly listens to her clients. Having her available in between calls was invaluable. She has the skills, training, and attitude to guide anyone to a better life. Every coaching call brought me comfort as well as new skills that allowed me to better enjoy my life. I can’t begin to thank her enough, but Paige, thank you, thank you, thank you!”


I believe in you. I really do. Because I was once you. And today, I am a living, breathing example of the FREE, future you. Trust me (even if you can’t yet trust yourself). MORE is possible for you.

Love, Paige

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