Intuitive Eating: Thinking About Food Less

Intuitive Eating: How to Think about Food Less

Last week, I wrote a blog post on the goal NOT being “to become an intuitive eater.” I had a lot of you reaching out saying “this hit home for me.”

Some of you replied with your name inserted into the phrase I gave you…

“My goal is to be Jenna and feel calm around food”

“My goal is to be Kate and feel calm around food”

“My goal is to be Lauren and feel calm around food”

Because of your response, I started reaching out to more women to get their feedback. I knew that many of you felt this way because you tell me you do in our discovery sessions. I wanted to get really clear.

As I hopped on the phone with you and asked how you wanted to feel around food, I heard things like “I just don’t want to think about it” and “I want it to be easy.”

I also heard things like “I’ve improved my relationship with food so much, but I’m still thinking about it more than I want to. I feel like I swapped ‘I shouldn’t eat this’ thoughts with ‘What’s my satisfaction level on a scale of 1-10?’ thoughts.”

Repeatedly, as I’ve talked with you, you have shared that you want to think about food less.


Because you want to have the mental capacity to focus on the things that really matter to you. Like, listening to your kids when they talk to you. Or, taking a risk with something new. Or, having space in your brain for quiet.

You see, your relationship with food is about so much more than getting down a set of intuitive eating principles. It’s about your thoughts. What your mind is consumed with and focused on each day.

If your mind is not consumed by food, you’re likely not typing “how to listen to my body intuitive eating” in the search bar on a Tuesday night.

Instead, you might be enjoying your favorite TV show or reading a book. You’ve already had dinner and now you’re cozied up in blankets relaxing in your PJ’s. You’re not overthinking about food.

Take a moment to think of one word that describes how you want to feel around/about food. Would it be… calm? easy? “not”?

I had a client share that last one when I asked this question. She’s said, “I don’t even want to have a feeling about it. I want it to just be there. Easy. Simple. It’s there if I need it, and otherwise I’m not filling my brain with thoughts about it.”


I’m curious, where are you in your relationship with food?

  1. You’re in a place where you’re just starting this intuitive eating journey
  2. You’ve been on the intuitive eating journey for some time, and now you just want to not think about food
  3. You’re mostly past the food stuff and are exploring other areas of personal growth

(If you want to leave a comment and share with me, I’d love to hear! Post a comment with a 1, 2, or 3.)

For those of you who would like to think about food less so that you can have the mental capacity to focus on other things that matter to you, I encourage you to sign-up for my free upcoming class called Stop Thinking About Food.

Invite your girlfriends! If you know someone who would like this send a text sharing the link.

I can’t wait to talk with you more about this. If this topic is resonating with you, let me know. You can leave a comment here.

Love, Paige

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