Thirsty Thursday

I know most of you clicked this link to get an alcoholic beverage with the title “Thirsty Thursday,” hope I didn’t disappoint 😉

Let’s give this one a go, just like the others and see how you all respond.

So far, here is what I am thinking works well:

Super Nanny Sunday

Motivation Monday (not much response here, maybe toss it and do “Meatless Monday?” or “My Life on Monday” ??? Whatcha all think?

Taco Tuesday 

Wordless Wednesday (yes!!)

Thirsty Thursday (testing today)

Okay, now for the smoothie! Can I call it a milkshake? Okay, fine. There’s no ice cream, so I won’t tease you and call it a milkshake- but I wish I could! It was so creamy good!

You will need:




-Unsweetened Almond Milk

-Seed (I used flax/hemp, half/half)

-Vanilla Protein Powder


Okay… I’m kidding about the blender… I know you already knew that.. 😉

hemp seeds

Aria protein

Glass jar

I use an empty Kombucha Bottle to take this smoothie to work with me. It’s a quick, easy somethin’ to have while running around all day with kids


Trick: no seeds left behind! Get them with a rubber spatula and stir em back in

Filled smoothie

Perfect for on the go!

Smoothie 2

And the best part, I get the “overflow” in the morning 😉

Today, this was my lunch, my breakfast was the same as yesterday, except today, I had strawberry jelly 🙂


If anyone is interested in Nutrition School please contact me TODAY. There is a HUGE Labor Day discount at my school right now. If you don’t have an iPad already, they even send you a free one! It’s over Labor Day so if you’re thinking about it now is the time to contact me! ♥
Love, Paige

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