This is What Happens When I’m Not Mindful

Good morning! I hope you had a good Mother’s Day. I know for some people Mother’s Day was a hard day. My heart is with you, too. Did you all keep Jacqui & Dan in your thoughts yesterday?

I wanted to blog to you today about mindful eating, because yesterday, I didn’t eat mindfully at all.

It’s funny, I’m so used to eating mindfully that it didn’t even cross my mind until the end of the day when I thought to myself “everything I’ve had today has been delicious, but for some reason I feel so unsatisfied & snacky.” DING! Direct result from not being mindful & paying attention to your food. 

I just kept going about my day as it was just a normal day. There was no guilt, no deep thought process, I was just eating. Let me preface this blog post by really emphasizing that there was no guilt yesterday, and no guilt today. The reason I’m writing this is purely to show that when you’re not mindful, you will probably feel more snacky and less satisfied. That’s it.  

For the purpose of this post, I’m going to now dig back into yesterday, and try my best to write down my eating. I’ll use numbers to help keep track of the unmindful moves I made.

Hopefully reading through this you’ll be able to see that it makes such a difference to be mindful, sit at the table, and eat without distractions.


The day started off with Church. We didn’t eat breakfast before Church, because I was planning to have strawberry waffles afterwards (Mother’s Day tradition).

After Church, I decided to do my short run before breakfast so I’d be nice and hungry and wouldn’t have to run after eating. I did that, and it felt great.

If you’ve ever made waffles with an old waffle iron, you might know that the first one usually sticks. When the first waffle turned out, my Mom and I were peeling it off the waffle iron. As we were peeling it off (1) I stood there snacking at the waffle pieces. 

When second waffle came off the iron I took my turn to eat since only half turned out. I would regularly eat the whole thing, but I figured since I’d already snacked on some I’d feel better with half. (2) I sat on the couch and ate it while asking everyone else what they wanted on their waffle.

After breakfast Marco & I took off to the Gym. We rode the bike for about 5 minutes and then went about doing our Sunday leg workout. My legs are so sore this morning.

When I came home I noticed that the neighbor brought us cookies & freshly baked bread. Yum! (3) I opened the box of cookies and ate half of a cookie standing at the counter. 

After the half a cookie I grabbed my Coffee & a dove dark chocolate and (4) chewed it quickly as I walked upstairs to get ready. 


A couple of hours after I came downstairs and saw a little sourdough bread roll, so I made my childhood favorite. Melty cheese & mustard on a sourdough bread roll. Yum! You have to try it! This was so good (5) but I was left unsatisfied because I ate it standing up not paying much attention to it. 

This left me feeling snacky, and about an hour later (6) I found Marco and I standing over the counter snacking on chips & salsa before dinner. Granted, we were hungry, but still… I was left unsatisfied.

Two hours later we had dinner. Pizza & salad with his family for Mother’s Day up in Ojai. This was outside in the sun. It was beautiful.

I ate my pizza sitting at the table & fully enjoyed it. This was mindful. Although it was mindful, I still felt hungry when we left, and I think this was due to the fact that my food groups yesterday were: sugar, cheese, and bread. Ha!

When we came home a few hours later my parents were making dinner. I made Marco & I mini plates since we wanted to try what they were having. (7) we ate this sitting on the couch while watching a movie. 

After eating my mini dinner plate I wanted some ice cream, so I got up and had a petite treat of Gelato (8) sitting in front of the TV. 

Since that didn’t satisfy me either, I found myself reaching for a couple more slices of steak (9) while standing up looking at the TV screen trying to catch the end of the movie. 

Nothing I ate really felt like a meal because it was really spread out, little bits at a time, and I truly did not pay attention to what I was eating. Again, I’m not posting this to show that “I didn’t make healthy choices” or “I feel guilty.” I ate what I was craving yesterday & my energy, stomach and all that felt fine. The only reason I’m walking you through this is to show that had I eaten the same food mindfully, I would have ended my day feeling satisfied.

To put this into perspective, let me show you how a mindful day may have gone:

  • Church
  • Run
  • Breakfast: one full strawberry waffle sitting at the table with my family
  • Gym for legs
  • Shower/get ready/make cards
  • Lunch: sourdough bread roll with cheese & mustard plus a salad to really fill my belly
  • Petite treat: full cookie with cup of coffee sitting on the patio with family in the sun chatting
  • Dinner: pizza & salad at Boccali’s
  • Washed the cars/Redbox/Movie.
  • During the movie I would have sipped on tea and enjoyed family time like I normally do.

I don’t know if you find this interesting, but I sure do. My stomach isn’t what felt more hungry yesterday — it was my brain. And I didn’t stop to think about it.

For you to try today:

  1. Eat mindfully
  2. Sit at the table
  3. Don’t stand and snack
  4. Eat when you’re hungry
  5. Eat what sounds good
  6. Eat without distractions

Do you find your eating to be different when you eat mindfully vs. being unmindful? 

Did you like this post? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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Love, Paige

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