This is why I blog! Letter from a reader!

Can’t even tell you all how much I loved this e-mail. Soo crazy sweet! This is exactly why I started this blog in the first place 🙂


Seriously, today was amazing, and it was 100% because of YOU and YOUR blog. Your blog has given me so much positivity, I actually want to cry (of joy!). Because I still don’t have a healthy relationship with food, it’s also good to read about food without reading a lot about exercise. When I read about people who enjoy their food but also exercise hours and hours a day, it still brings a lot of negativity to my mind.

But your blog is amazing, really. This morning I didn’t finish my oatmeal, because I felt full. This afternoon I had an amazing lunch (nonfat greek yogurt, fruit, a tiny bit of granola and a delicious smoothie!) and felt satisfied. At dinner, I only at half of what was on my plate because I knew my mom had made a delicious chocolate cake for dessert. I had a tiny piece and felt super satisfied and not too full. This might sound silly but it’s a huge step for me, really! I am actually looking forward to tomorrow. I am looking forward to eating breakfast and enjoying my cup of coffee. And I’m looking forward to run, and… to look at your blog, haha!

Sorry if this is too long, or stupid… but I just want to make sure you realize that you really help people. You’re amazing (and so gorgeous, I’m jealous haha), and I hope you will never stop blogging!

Take care, and keep up the great work. Lots of love.

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