This Past Week

Good afternoon everyone! Happy Saturday!

So, this past week has been packed! Let me catch you all up!

  1. My finger is healing so well – thank God!
  2. Marco and I have very likely picked our Wedding Venue!
  3. I have been doing a ton of Wedding Planning
  4. We MAY have a date within the next couple of weeks
  5. We have likely picked a photographer
  6. Pieces of my dress came in!
  7. Healthy Hits Coaching has 3 new Clients!
  8. Healthy Hits Coaching now has it’s own Facebook group where all of my Clients can support eachother
  9. I hit 9 weeks eating No Grains, Sugar, or Cheese and have since added back in Brown Rice
  10. I had a super fun Stella & Dot Party last night
  11. I met one of my readers for Coffee
  12. I had a great week 🙂

Now, here are a five great eats I have enjoyed!


1) Urbane Cafe Salad the night after I burned my finger. I did not want to cook!

  • Spring mix
  • Avocado slices
  • Pears
  • Pecans
  • Chicken
  • Balsamic


2) An easy dinner!

  • Salad with spring mix, cucumbers, and dressing which is 1 tbsp. balsamic, 1 tbsp. olive oil, and 1 tsp. aioli mustard
  • Tofu seasoned and sauteed with olive oil & 21 seasoning salute
  • Black beans
  • Half an avo


3) Breakfast that reminds me of Mexico

  • Refried beans with salsa
  • Egg casserole with salsa


4) Brown rice is back! Bowl of rice and chicken – seriously cannot emphasize enough how great this tasted!

  • Brown rice
  • Chicken thighs chopped into smaller pieces and cooked in olive oil with garlic
  • Half an avo
  • Soy sauce
  • Side salad with cucumber

photo 2

5) This breakfast held me over really well yesterday!

  • 2 Eggs
  • About 4 oz chicken
  • Half an avo


Cute Kitchen! Thanks IKEA!

photo 1

Here’s a photo of the Venue we have our eyes on!

And below are pictures of my Stella & Dot Party yesterday!

IMG_4622.JPG IMG_4623.JPG IMG_4624.JPG IMG_4625.JPG IMG_4626.JPG IMG_4627.JPG IMG_4628.JPG IMG_4629.JPG IMG_4630.JPG IMG_4631.JPG IMG_4632.JPG IMG_4640.JPG IMG_4643.JPG

Had to post this. This is 100% Marcos face when I hold my Camera shoot button down.

Snap! snap! snap! snap! snap! snap! snap! snap! snap! snap! snap! snap! snap!

And Marco looking at me like… “of course, of course you’re taking 100 photos of me.. When do you not take a photo?”

Haha! Ah, so thankful he loves me… 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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