This Program Will Change Your Life If You Let It

Hey everyone! Good morning, and happy Friday! First of all, quick note: get on my Newsletter list if you’re not on it yet. Today, I’ll be sending out an email with a Video inside called Healthy Hits the Spot Shares How to Start Your Own Blog. I’m excited to share! You may have seen in my last two posts that I’ve mentioned an upcoming Group Program. Yep! It’s coming!



Group Program on Sugar Freedom Starts May 13th, are you signed up?

Tuesday nights — I will be teaching and you will have the support of other like minded women.

4:30pm PT

Women who want to:

  • Kick their sugar addiction
  • Lose weight & bloat
  • Feel free from Sugar
  • Have community support
  • Commit to joining us for 6 weeks
  • Learn how to enjoy sugar in moderation and feel good about it

You can get there. I promise. I never used to be able to eat sugar in moderation, but now, I enjoy it. And eating sugar doesn’t upset my belly, or make me feel out of control. Contact me to learn more. I’ll shoot you back an email with all the details, price, and everything that will be included in the value of that price.

You may be wondering, why I am doing this Program, and why it’s so close to my heart. So, allow me to share without taking up too much time 🙂 If you’ve read my story before, you’ve see this:

“Along with seeing a counselor, I also started seeing a naturopath. His name is Larry Permen, and he works in Ventura, CA. I would recommend him to anyone! He has helped me so much. Anyways, I started seeing him towards the end of December, and he told me that he wanted me to stop eating grains, cheese, and sugar, for a period of 6-8 weeks. This was to reset my mind, and get myself to a place where healthy eating was enjoyable. He said that I could start in January, because he knew how hard it would be to start during the Holidays.

So, January 1, 2011, I started this way of eating. This change turned out to be the greatest thing I ever did for my mind, and for my body. It led me into the healthiest mindset and healthiest body, I’ve ever had. I stuck with this for seven weeks. I have since, added back in whole grains, and a little bit of cheese, and haven’t added in much sugar, and don’t plan to. I am happier with my body now, more than I have ever been!

I don’t ever worry about calories now. I just try to make healthy choices as much as I can, and I always eat whatever my body is craving. If I want a treat, I make a treat. I do not deprive myself, and I never “talk mean” to myself now. I always fill my head with good thoughts, and I don’t ever tell myself “you look fat,” because I know I don’t. It is 100% about mindset for me.”

So, in this Group Program, I am going to walk you through a similar way of letting go and reseting your mind. By the end, you will feel what I experienced, and you will be able to feel calm around food. This will be a healing process for you. Don’t go through it alone. The support and guidance is right here with the click of a button. I want you to check in with yourself right now. If you feel your intuition tugging at you saying “yes, I need this!” then please, join me. Don’t hold yourself back. You must give yourself permission to be free.

“Everything You Want is on the Other Side of Fear.”


What would be possible for you if you had the healthiest mindset and healthiest body, you’ve ever had?

e-mail me to sign-up for an early registration discount.

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