Three Days of Weekend Eats

Good-morning beauties!

Happy Monday. I hope you’ve all had a good weekend. I hope it filled you up, restored you, and you’re ready to take on the holiday week ahead, one day at a time.

You know, I’ve never fully understood people talking about how holidays can be tough until this year. But now, I’ve had a taste, and I get it. So, with that, I want to ask you all, how can I support you this week? My VIP Q+A email is going to be centered around Thanksgiving and how I can support you all.

In the comments of this post, share your questions around Thanksgiving. I would love to make a short and encouraging audio to send out to all of you so you can listen to it the morning of Thanksgiving. I want it to encourage you toward a feel-good day. Let me know where you need encouragement!

Today I have THREE days of weekend eats to share with you! It’s been a while since I’ve shared WEEKEND eats, so I’m excited to share this post with you!

Before we dive in, let’s remember that the purpose of me sharing my eats with you is not for you to compare your eats to mine, but to encourage you to feel FREE around food. To trust that you don’t need to diet or have strict rules around food, rather, you can trust that your body will let you know what will/won’t feel good each day. Labels aren’t necessary around here.

Friday –


Friday morning breakfast started out with a quick GoMacro bar after a meeting with Simi to work on Finally Free Program. I was in a bit of a rush after our meeting to get to Asia’s house and work on the clothing swap.

asia, paige, dom, slo clothing swap

I was over at Asia’s almost the entire day minus a couple of hours where my assistant met me to work. It was awesome! You guys. You should have seen how many items there were! Like, THOUSANDS. I got so much great stuff. Everyone did. AND, we still donated like 30 bags to the women’s shelter at the end of it. Such an incredible and fun experience.

starbucks holiday cup

Mid-morning at the swap my friend Dom brought me a capo from Starbs. So good and cozy to sip while we sorted through clothes for the morning.

ground beef tacos

Around 1:00 I went home to have lunch with Marco before he left for work. We had ground beef tacos (2) with goat cheese, corn tortillas, guac, cabbage, and salsa verde. Simple! After lunch I worked for a couple of hours with my assistant and then headed back to the swap (she got some great stuff, too!).

salt and pepper chips

By about 5:30 I was feeling SO sleepy and had SO many clothes to try on, so I carried my pile home, tried them all on, and had this little snack of salt & pepper chips. I was craving something small, crunchy, and peppery. So this hit the spot. After this snack I laid down for about an hour before going back.

blt with eggs

I also made a quick dinner to re-fuel me. Breakfast for dinner! This was basically a remake of my favorite breakfast sandwich in Ventura: eggs, bacon, sourdough, tomato, lettuce, onion, and this one had a little goat cheese, which actually I would skip next time! Better without cheese in my opinion.

To end the evening I helped at the swap until about 10:00. We wrapped up at 8:00, cleaned up the whole place, and had everything donated by 10:00. We felt like warriors! Haha, it was so great. As we were working I also had a KIND granola bar.

Saturday –

gluten free breakfast wrap

Saturday morning started out with coffee in bed and breakfast with Marco. He had two over-medium eggs with toast and I had two eggs sprinkled with cheese wrapped in a warm brown rice tortilla. My body on Saturday was like “NO GLUTEN.” I’m not sure why… but I listened and felt really great all day.

IE Note: As many of you know, “IE Note” simply means I’m about to make a little note on intuitive eating to help make more sense of my eats. The way I “heard” from my body that I didn’t want gluten was literally by NOT feeling like sourdough like I always have in the AM and just going with it. I asked myself what else sounded good and I wanted these brown rice tortillas, so that’s what I made.

gluten free quesadilla

Around lunch it was the same thing. I didn’t have much in my fridge, but I knew I didn’t want bread. So I skimmed everything else and saw that I had some chicken, cowboy caviar salsa, and cheese. So I made a quesadilla on these brown rice tortillas with sour cream and pico de gallo on the side and it was lovely. 

baby boy

All morning I did loads and loads of laundry to wash all of my clothing swap clothes. I loved this. A morning at home in PJ’s doing laundry, drinking coffee, and just being HOME. Sometimes I just love being HOME. You ever feel that way?

After lunch I showered and got ready for the day as some of my girlfriends were coming over. My friend Caitlin brought her little munchkin Easton! I hadn’t seen him in a couple months and he surprised me by finally being able to say “Paige!” I was so excited and I posted him saying it on Snap (@HealthyHitsSpot).

scout slo hot cocoa

Throughout the day we walked downtown, got hot cocoa at Scout, shopped, and stopped at Mitchell Park to play with little E.

mitchell park slo

Here Easton is looking up and saying “panes!” as an airplane was flying overhead. I loved it. He got so excited!

friends in slo

We had quite the fun with this little one. Kido, you can come around anytime! I just adore him…


After the park Cait, E, and I came back to the house and made dinner. Ground beef tacos (3) with pico, salsa verde, guac, cabbage, and cheese. Super simple.


Here’s little E-guy eating his crackers & drinking milk. Gosh I could squeeze him right through this picture!


After Cait & E left I cleaned up the house and climbed into my PJ’s. I had a few hours before Marco got off work and decided to have a great solo night. So, I made some popcorn with coconut oil & sea-salt, climbed in bed, and turned on Netflix.

dark chocolate pb cups trader joes

And to finish off the day, I had two dark chocolate peanut butter cups from TJ’s. Yum!

Sunday –

eggs and bacon

Ah, SUNDAY. You were so good to me. Sunday morning I woke up around 7:00 and stayed in bed until about 9:00 drinking coffee and watching Netflix with M. It was so cozy, and exactly the way I wanted to wake up on a day off with him. It had been a while since we’d BOTH had a day off together in SLO.

For breakfast we had eggs scrambled with bacon. M had a piece of sourdough with his, and again, I wasn’t feeling the bread so I just went without. After breakfast we cleaned up and left for Church.

urbane cafe slo

After Church we walked to Urbane Cafe in the rain (Marco HATES rain and I LOVE it – what about you?). I was craving soup & salad. So, that’s what I got! Urbane Cafe salad (balsamic, chicken, goat cheese, avo, pears, and pecans) and chicken enchilada soup. Yummmm! Passed the bread on to M.

BTW, I am doing well keeping up on Snapchat, however, I’m not doing awesome on saving the photo BEFORE I add a caption to it. Haha! So, here we go with a few Snapchat captioned photos. 

scout 2 slo

After lunch we came home and got ready for the gym. It had been MONTHS since I’d gone to the gym! M and I worked out together and last night I was like “psh, I got this! I’m not sore at all!” This morning though… I realized I spoke way to soon! SO sore you guys. Haha!

After the gym it was still raining outside so Marco and I walked next door and shared a hot chocolate from Scout. Isn’t it so cute inside?

scout 2 slo

Another Snapchat labeled picture 😉 Here’s the hot cocoa. Scout by far makes the prettiest one!


After the gym we went to Costco, bought some new rugs for our camper, salmon for dinner, and a bottle of Chardonnay for this girl.

Want to know how I pick my wine? By asking myself: which one will last the longest after I open it? Haha… I have a bad habit of buying a bottle, having one glass, and dumping the rest because M doesn’t drink it. Whoooooops!

Anyway, when we got home from Costco we hung in the office. I had a glass of wine and FaceTimed with my fam while Marco shopped online for new mats for his car and had a Coors. Did you guys see his new decorations in our kitchen (on Snap)? 😉

costco pesto salmon

For dinner we had pesto salmon and stir-fried veggies. So simple and so yummy! Marco was all over this dinner. He loved it! The pesto salmon is already prepped in the refrigerated section at Costco – you just bake it!

After dinner we cozied up on the couch and relaxed for a while – front door open, rain pouring outside, and watching the Netflix fire place (since we don’t have one). So cozy.

yogurtland slo

Around 8:00 we went over to John & Asia’s house and all walked downtown as I requested fro-yo. I got tart with kiwi, almonds, and mochi! Oh, and a few yogurt chips. Yum! Totally hit the spot.

Other things to share:

  1. Don’t forget – I want to support you this Thursday as it’s Thanksgiving. I’d love to make you a little audio to listen to the day of to encourage you around listening to your body, letting go of rules, etc… What, specifically, could you use support around? Let me know in the comments. 
  2. The other way you can receive support this week is to join mine & Simi’s Happy & Healthy Finally Free call for our TRIBE members! Join TRIBE here & get a lifetime membership to Finally Free! 

Thank you so much for being here! I’ll be back Wednesday with another post – either more eats or a post full of Thanksgiving support. We shall see, depending on what you girls share with me!

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