Threw Out the Plans

Good evening everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous day!

I got to hangout with this cutie all day!
My meals didn’t go as planned today. I got over the crackers + almond butter thing real quick, and decided to save it for a snack tomorrow. Instead, I made a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread for lunch while babysitting. I added mustard and iceberg lettuce to the mix. I know iceberg doesn’t pack in the nutrients, but boy oh boy is it good on a turkey sandwich!
In between lunch and dinner I had 2 snacks:
+ apple + slice of cheese
+ blueberry bar from TJ’s that one of the boys opened and decided they didn’t want (this was an unplanned snack, haha)
One of these snacks did no good for my belly, and I’m guessing it was the slice of cheese alone with the apple. Not sure anyone has every seen me in the history of HHTS take a photo of a slice of cheese as a snack! Haha, I used to all the time when I was little 😉 I’m reading The Small Change Diet, and Keri suggested an apple with cheese for lunch, but I’m not so sure my body liked that! We’ll try again another day and see how it goes. Who knows!


I started off my dinner with a dinner salad and one tbs. of homemade blue cheese dressing


I then went on to have a small portion of what my parents cooked up. Yes, this is small- it just looks huge!

That’s 1/4 a large potato, 3 oz of chicken lightly friend, and a few veggies that were BBQ’d (sooooo good)

After the picture, I got a craving for soy sauce and added it to the chicken and potato. Holy cow! So good! I thought I was crazy when I thought of it, but I decided to give it a try anyway. It worked!


Tonight I made myself a little baby petite treat which perfectly satisfied me. I love the idea of having petite treats nightly because they’re small, healthy, and are kind of a “shut-off” button for the day. Gives me a sense of feeling that the days eats are wrapped up.

Petite-Treat: 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, 1 tsp. honey, 1/3 banana


Now I am babysitting, and with 30 minutes left I am going to pull out these cute little books and start skimming. Love to you all! See you here in the morning 🙂

Picture 1

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