Through the Lens of A Child

Hey guys! I could not get my camera to upload pictures this morning, therefore, I could not post. Finally, this evening I tried again, and had to hold my camera cord in one spot as I uploaded the photos. I think I need a new cord 😉


Breakfast yesterday was yogurt with agave, chia cereal, and strawberries


After breakfast, Marco and I went to a Step 2 Class at the Gym

Wait… scratch that… I went to the Class… Marco lifted weights… he’d never do that Class with me! Haha

After Class I made a green smoothie, and then got Coffee with my Jade


Lunch was really random. Potato salad and some carrots. It’s felt so weird staying at someone else’s house and figuring out what to eat. We still do our own grocery shopping, but somehow it still feels harder choosing what to eat. I think it’s just because it’s not our fridge, our cupboards, etc…

Ever had that feeling when staying at someone else’s house?


When I got off work with I had a couple hours before my next job, and I went out and did a few things:

  • Bank, of course… it was Friday
  • Jewelry Couture to get my ring sparkling clean- it’s so shiny now!!
  • AT&T to surprise Marco with some new headphones- he dropped a weight on his others yesterday, whoops!
  • Barnes + Nobles to sit and browse the health section- of course!
  • Urbane Cafe to pick up my most favorite soup and salad for dinner- Artichoke Bisque and Urbane Cafe Salad


SO wonderfully yummy!

As I was getting out of my Car ready to head into my last job of the day, I looked in my purse and realized I did something really DUMB. I took the Urbane Cafe buzzer home with me! Yea, that little number they give you that lights up and buzzes like crazy when you press it.

I was waiting for my food at the counter when they called my name, so they didn’t push my buzzer number, and I had it sitting in my purse. Whoops! Looks like we will have to go back tomorrow 🙂


As I was eating my Dinner, little Dillan had a photoshoot with my Camera. He kept trying to take pictures of me, but couldn’t keep a steady hand… haha, the Camera was going off for a good 15 minutes. So cute! Let’s look at what he saw through his eyes for those 15 🙂

IMG_4159.JPG IMG_4162.JPG IMG_4171.JPG

(I took this one!) 🙂


Reaching for the Camera, which was probably about to smash on the floor

IMG_4180.JPG IMG_4182.JPG IMG_4221.JPG

And then this… so much less entertaining than D’s pictures… but I have to add it. My last snack of the day, a peach!

There were a million other pictures, but I don’t want to post his entire house all over my blog 😉



Love, Paige

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