Tiny Food Post

Good morning all!

Yesterday started off with my regular eggs & toast


Lunch was burrito bowls made at home. Inside we had spanish rice, homemade refried beans, chile verde, cheese, and avocado. I could only eat half of this as I had snacked on a small slice of homemade pizza before this.


When I got off work yesterday there were flowers waiting for me. Ah, these are now on my desk this morning. Thank you Marco!


Dinner was homemade fish tacos. I had one more fish taco after this as I wasn’t full. Side salad with goddess dressing, spinach, spring mix, and garbanzo beans on the side.

Dessert was a petite treat (few bites) of Pistachio Talenti. I couldn’t take a photo because we had to hide my camera from my 3 year old cousin who loves to be a photographer when he comes over. I gave him 15 minutes to play with it before it was “camera’s nap-time.” You think he fell for it?

Enjoy your day! I’ll be back with a fuller post tomorrow 😉

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