In Transition to Paige Schmidt (.com)

Good-morning beauties! I’m sitting here at Scout in San Luis Obispo, drinking a cup of black medium roast coffee – actually it’s my second cup because my hands are on fire with writing this morning with editing so many Google docs as I update my website content.

If you read my last post, you know that in July I’ll be switching from “Healthy Hits the Spot” to “Paige Schmidt.”

I’m SO excited for this transition for a number of reasons, but the greatest reason of all is that I’ll be able to share so much more with you all. And, I’m updating my opt-in (the gift you get when you share your name and email with me) and I can’t wait to see HOW excited you girls are when you find out what it is!

As I sit here editing everything in Google docs, I’m like… ready to crawl out of my skin in excitement to share it with all of you come July 15th. I can hardly wait. So, in a very Paige fashion, I’m not going to wait. Ha! I’m going to start updating parts of the blog and my social media accounts TODAY.

All that to say, for anyone who is new here (WELCOME! WELCOME! WELCOME!) don’t let this confuse you. This blog is in transition from “Healthy Hits the Spot” to “Paige Schmidt” and will be fully switched over by July 15th. For now, you’ll see a mix of both names across my website and emails. 

There will be no new posts or newsletters until the transition is complete (mid-July), because my hands are completely full with other work responsibilities. Current priorities: my one on one clients, the Finally Free community, and updating the site.


I cannot wait for this transition! It’ll take a week or so of getting used to, and probably some mourning of no longer being “Healthy Hits the Spot” (I always feel this way when someone I love changes their biz name) but I swear, once the newness of the switch wears off, the transition will be better than ever!

What you can do now:

  • If you’d like to work with me one on one, book a consultation (fill in your info HERE)
  • If you’d like to follow along and get updates, follow along on Instagram (@paigeschmidt)
  • Get nostalgic with me and re-read old posts! If you do, leave a comment on the ones you read so I can revisit them along with you!
  • Share in the excitement with me! Leave me a comment on this post letting me know what you’re excited for with the new site, and what topics you’re hoping I’ll cover! What are your needs? Where would you like encouragement? I’m ALL ears, and my focus is YOU, so share away!
  • Wanna chat with me directly? You can be one of the first people to use my new email (yay!) –

P.S. Thank YOU all so much for making this blog & business one of the greatest joys in my life – clients, readers, friends, family… all of you have made this work interesting, fun, and something that always challenges me and keeps me going. This place is a blessing for me, and I hope it is a blessing for you, too!

P.P.S. Wanna send me some snail mail? Words of affirmation are my jam. You too? Send a card to Paige Schmidt PO BOX 13342 San Luis Obispo, CA 93406. Tell me about yourself & how this blog has inspired you! This puts a fire in my belly to never stop serving. Plus, I love hearing from you! I’ll return a note!

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