Good morning all. Wow, it’s early. Marco and I woke up around 5:30 today to get a workout in before we’re busy busy busy all day. This morning we are going to breakfast with his family, and then each of us works for the day, and then tonight, I have a meeting.



Breakfast, Green Smoothie


Snack, Trek Mix


Another Snack, veggie chips. These are leftover from the weekend when we threw a party for Marco’s grandma. Forgot to post that I snacked on these Sunday. PS, I poured the crumbs this little plate, and threw over half of this away. Not that great, I was just munchy.


For lunch, I had a salad with tomatoes and cilantro dressing. It was great! I loved having salad in a bowl like this. It reminded me of when I first started eating salad and I would put it in a huge mixing bowl, throw tons of toppings in, and love it. I started doing this because it’s what my Dad always did (and still does).


About an hour after lunch I snacked on an apple, then went for a 30 minute walk through the hills with Irene, and swam laps in the pool. When I got back from my walk, I had a Cashew Cookie LB.


photo 1 IMG_4334.JPG

Coming back inside, I showered, got ready, and started working again. I sipped on this tea through my consultation. Mmm… Not from Starbucks, I just reused the cup 🙂 It’s berry tea with steamed rice milk and agave. So good.


For dinner, I had salad with Chicken Chile Lime Burger and avocado


Yum. This was so good. I had such a weird appetite yesterday. I was really craving white meat, and I was really snacky. Protein craving? I thought that, but eating the chicken didn’t help.

photo 2

When I got to my night job, I snacked on some salted and roasted almonds and a tiny little bowl of homemade lentil soup that the Momma had just made. So good! I had to try it 🙂

photo 3

As I’m looking over my foods, I can see that I did have lots of salty food yesterday. This morning, I woke up with a heaaaadache, and I’m craving a green smoothie. To much Yang, my IIN friends?


Love, Paige

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