Turkey Sausage Craving


Good morning beauties! Hope you all had a wonderful nights sleep. Lets start off the day with some good vibes, and believe today is going to be the best! What are you going to do for yourself? What’s one small change that you can make today towards a better future? Start making that change a habit 🙂

Yesterday I met with my Kayla. Agh, I have missed her so much. It was so night to meet on a rainy day and hangout, catch up, and sip Coffee while walking around the mall. I got black Coffee at Starbucks, and it was delightful!

After we walked around a while, we decided to get some FroYo. Yes, in the rain and cold. We even walked right through the rain and got soaking wet to get there. There was nothing stopping up from that Pumpkin Fro Yo! Well, nothing stopping me. We got to the machine and there was a piece of hair hanging from it. Yea, not so pretty. But when I say there is nothing stopping me, I am not kidding. I pulled it out and got a little swirl of FroYo. Kayla was not even close to having that. Haha! I guess things just don’t gross me out that bad? It’s one of those ‘Sorry, I’m not sorry!’ kinda things. I enjoyed a little swirl of pumpkin + more swirls of non-fat low-sugar cheesecake flavor. I added some almonds and non-fat granola on top. DE-lightful!  


After meeting with Kayla, I drove home to Marco’s house in the rain, and we laid down and watching Forrest Gump! I haven’t seen that movie in sooo long! It’s suuch a good one!

After the movie, I was super hungry, so we went to Urbane Cafe and split a turkey sandwich. I also got a little taster cup of bell pepper soup. Mmm so good! I just wanted a taste, not a whole bowl 🙂

PS, splitting is also a small change!

Lets say I ate this whole turkey sandwich meal to myself once/week for a year

That would be 36,400 calories as one plate is 700

Now that we split it, it reduces down to 18,200 at 350 each

In one year, that would save me 5.2 lbs.

Just by making the habit of splitting!

When you go out to eat, it’s likely that your meal will be over 700 calories. I don’t know why, but it always seems to be that way. Another option is taking half home and having the other half the next day. I bet you’re thinking “but then you’re still eating 700 calories.” Yes, that’s true, BUT, you’re replacing another meal that you would have had the next day. So lets say you ate the whole plate (700) plus a healthy 500 calorie lunch the next day. That’s 700+500 = 1,200 when you could have eaten half, and saved half for the next day at only 700. Does that make sense?

I hope this helps you all to realize that you don’t have to stress, you don’t have to diet, you don’t have to count every calorie, you just have to make small changes. Create small healthy habits and they will pay off. And it wont take a whole year. You will start seeing changes in the first month. And the beauty of small changes is that you just continue to feel better and better! It’s not like a diet where you feel really good at first, then gain back and feel bad, then do it again and feel good, then gain back and feel bad.. You see what I’m saying? Small changes are the way to go!

Oh, PLUS, I had an apple for dessert 🙂


Okay, now for today! I woke up this morning at 4:30 and headed to the Gym with Marco. I did 35 minutes of Cardio, 10 minutes of Abs and Stretching, and about 15 minutes of weights. That’s pretty much what I do everyday that I workout.

For breakfast, it was another “I really feel like sausage today!” mood. So, I made 1 egg, 2 whites, 1 piece of toast w/ 1 tsp. of smart balance butter, and 2 pieces of turkey sausage.


Such a sausage craving day. Why is turkey sausage so darn good?! Gahhhh! With the toast and egg together, oh goodness… can I have breakfast for lunch too?

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