Two Ingredients I Never Thought to Add to My Sandwich

good morning mug

Good morning girls!

egg sandwich

Yesterday morning started off with Marco at breakfast. We split an egg sandwich with pepper-jack cheese + I had coffee in my good-morning mug. Coffee, agave, and soy milk. Been my recent fav!

crockpot meal

After breakfast I got my CrockPot recipe going. This recipe is from A Pinch of Yum! Chicken Wild Rice Soup. Soo good!

I accidentally added 3x the amount of rice (I just poured the whole bag in) and it still turned out fine. So, I’d say this is a can’t mess up recipe 🙂 I just took out 2 cups of cooked rice before adding the cream (that was all before this picture — it’s already all cooked here).

new king size bed

After starting the CrockPot I had a meeting for a #SecretProject I’ve been working on. This project is coming in 2015 and it’s FOR YOU! If you’re VIP, you’ll be the first to know! Right after the meeting (perfect timing) our new bed arrived! We went from a full size to a king. Yep, we two tall people have been sleeping on a baby little full for the past couple years. Ha!

new king size bed

I washed our new sheets and got it all ready. How comfy does that look? I love white sheets. So crisp and clean. Anyone else with me here?


At about 11:00 I made myself a small meal. Half a toasted bagel with onion, turkey, spring mix and wait for it…

Sea-salt & pepper.

Okay, this might be so normal for some of you… but I’ve just never thought to put s&p on my own  homemade sandwiches. Sure, at Subway I ask for s&p…. but not at home! This made my sandwich so good! If you haven’t tried this, then this isn’t normal for you and you should absolutely try it! My sandwich felt more gourmet in my own kitchen 🙂 I had it with a few s&p chips too.

wild donkey cafe slo greek salad

At 1:30 I met my friend Hannah for lunch. I ordered a salad since I knew I was having a heavier bread & soup for dinner and had already had some bread earlier in the day. This felt like a good balance, plus, I’ve been craving salads lately.

I got the Greek Salad at the Wild Donkey Cafe, which my friend Jen told me about! Thanks, Jen! It was so yummy!

ginger and hot water

When I got home I made myself some hot water with grated ginger inside.

healthy hits the spots office

I got back to work until about 7:00.

chicken wild rice soup

Dinner was a bowl of the CrockPot Chicken and Wild Rice Soup from Pinch of Yum. I had it with two slices of soft multigrain rustico bread (toasted with olive oil) from TJ’s.


After dinner, I hit the Gym and then ran a couple of errands at Target, cleaned up for the night, and jumped into our new cozy bed. I definitely couldn’t wait up until 10:30 when Marco got home last night. My eyes shut themselves by 9:45 with all of the lights still on. I was exhausted!

So, a couple of things to leave you with today:

1. Do you have a CrockPot? If so, share a link to your favorite CrockPot Recipe in the comments below! I’d love new recipes and I’m sure we’d all love to get some new ideas 🙂 

2. Have you ever put s&p on your own homemade sandwich? Am I the only one excited about this super simple new find? (HA!) 

I hope you enjoy your day! Tomorrow I’ll be back with the Pro’s and Con’s of moving. I hope you’ll join me 🙂

sunset in slo

P.S. look at this beautiful sunset in SLO yesterday…

xo, your coach


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