Happy Two Year Anniversary, My Love (A Little Bit of ‘Thank You’ and What I’ve Learned)

Marco & Paige Two Year Anniversary | Healthy Hits the Spot

Happy two year anniversary to my best friend, my life partner, my husband. It’s been a crazy two years, and as I sit here thinking about this time together, it almost hurts to think of how grateful I am that we’ve gone through it together. I wouldn’t want anyone else on my team.

If you, reader, are thinking “this is so sweet…” don’t worry, Marco is thinking, with his eyebrows raised, “babe… you’re so soft.” And this is what I love about him – always himself, no matter what. So, yeah baby, I’m a softy, and I’m about to get all soft up-in-this post. Ready for it?

Marco & Paige Two Year Anniversary | Healthy Hits the Spot

In these last two years, so much of our life together has evolved. You got a new job, we traveled countless miles and weeks from Ventura and San Luis Obispo for you to get that job, we moved to SLO, had no babies or dogs (sorry mom), made many friends, tried more churches than we could imagine (okay, so three), and found one that we loved (well, you could do with less signing, I could practically jump on stage I love it so much). I love life with you in SLO. It is truly my happy place. Thank you for doing this big scary thing with me and moving. And thank you Bob, our pre-marital counselor, for teaching me that I can do big scary things, even if it felt like the biggest-scariest-thing for about seven months (aka, the amount of time where I knew very few people in SLO). Phew, it’s all better now, we have friends, and we love it. We even walked into an open house the other day. However, because that two bedroom house was $1,100,000, it might be the last home we ever walk through in SLO. (Market, we’re waiting for you to crash so we can jump all over you.)

Marco & Paige Two Year Anniversary | Healthy Hits the Spot

We’ve been through some darn intense times together, and I know only more will come. We’ve had a taste of what it feels like to make big decisions together, and how rewarding (once it’s done) yet how hard that can be. I’m so grateful for your willingness to like me, even after you’ve hated me for 15 minutes of an argument (though you’d never admit it). It’s okay, for a few minutes there, I thought I hated you too. Really, I was just overwhelmed by all of our hurt-people-hurting-people/who-are-you(!!) business. I still like you though, so this is a really good thing. Young marrieds, like us, you’re going to hate each other sometimes too. I only realized that this was normal once I read Jen Hatmaker’s book For the Love. Jen she gave me SO much grace in realizing that my weird-parts-of-life are actually quite normal. Who knew, everyone was human. Thank God for Jen. I hope I can always be vulnerable like her. Oh, and thank you so much to my dear friends who open up with me, are real, and who do life along side me. I love you too.

Marco & Paige Two Year Anniversary | Healthy Hits the Spot

Alongside our toughest moments, which have given us depth, new perspective, and have taught us more about how to love each other, we have had more fun times that I can count. And now that we’re married, I realize that marriage is one part naturally fun and two parts intentionally fun. For example, I have always dreamt of the day where I could do nothing and feel like I was doing everything I needed at the same time. Staying home with you, needing to have no plans, and feeling content is the greatest feeling. Just you and me, in our little home.

I’ve also learned that marriage takes works, and if you want to have fun you have to plan for fun. So, cheers to making fun a priority this year, and realizing how important this piece is to us. I love that we’ve made  “building memories” together a priority (and grandpa, since I know you’re reading this too – you’re the best for that – thank you for all of the text messages to remind us to get out there and build memories – cause that’s what life is about. You make life more fun, G).

Marco & Paige Two Year Anniversary | Healthy Hits the Spot

Mr. Schmidt, the gushiest I am-about-to-get on you is to talk about how you are with my mom. And I’m not gonna lie, all the tears are here as I write this. actually cannot put into enough words how much I love that you love my mama. And how much you, right along side me, think that she is the most important person on this planet right now. How much you would be willing to drop anything to come and see her, and how much you DO, right along side me, every two weeks. I love how highly you speak of her, because I feel the same way. I love how she is a mama to you, and that you’ve allowed your own life story to cause you to think MORE highly of this mama of mine, of ours.

The older I get, the more you notice how alike my mom and I are (this is really great when it comes to nurturing and loving, and really bad when it comes to doing anything that could potentially leave a scratch on my body), and you love me for it. You say things like “I’d be stoked if you turn out just like Dot-Dot” and these things make my heart burst, cause I love her so. Seriously, thank you for loving Dot-Dot as much as I do. You’ll never know, no matter the amount I say it, how much I love this.

Marco & Paige Two Year Anniversary | Healthy Hits the Spot

Last of what I will write about for now… thank you for helping me to become a better person. Readers, for those of you who don’t know, Marco was my best friend for 7 years before we started dating (you can read part of our story that I wrote a while ago here). In High School, when I’d get cray, Marco was always the first one there. He was that protective friend who would remind me to be smart and remember to keep my standards high and value myself. Thanks Marco, and I’m sorry for all of the trauma I probably definitely put you through in my even-younger-than-now years. But really, thanks for always reminding me of my worth, and for letting me know I can do big-things.

Thank you for believing in me, for being excited for me when I found God, and seeing how much that changed me. Thank you for being proud of the baby business and dream God gave me that is Healthy Hits. Your support and unchanging-faith in me spurs me on more than anyone else’s. I love the way you support me. Seriously, it’s way cool. It feels so good to have you on my team.

Marco & Paige Two Year Anniversary | Healthy Hits the Spot

Well, I better end this now, cutie, because I can already hear you as you’re listening to me type, “don’t make that too long babe. You know I can’t get through too many words.” I hope you don’t turn dumb from reading these too-many-words. I need your mind sharp for all of our adventures today.

I’ll post about today’s adventures over to Insta @healthyhitsthespot as I get the time. But mostly, phone, you’ll be tucked away.

Final encouragement to readers: For those who are married, never compare. You’re probably normal, even if you think you’re not. Grab Jen Hatmaker’s book, and remember that we’re all a little screwed up. No marriage is perfect – this is the most sabotaging thing we could believe. Keep going, and make your marriage a priority. 

Oh, and before you go…

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Love, Paige

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