Tye Bound!


After Church today, Aubrey and I came home and finished our Movie

Before we left to get Tye, I put this puppy in the oven

While I waited for it to cook I had some sweet quiet time

Coffee of course was included, and some journaling… today was the MOST relaxing fun day… I full on experienced peace that surpasses all understanding… it was just a SWEET day

By the time my food finished we realized it was probably time to head out and get Tye, so I quickly threw it all on a paper plate that I could take in the car (I just remembered I left my fork in the car! Haha- ew! I need to get that! I was trying to be good about that! Poor Aubrey….. haha!)

The lasagna and broccolli was just filling enough to hold me over for a couple hours, which was the duration of the ride

Here is Aubrey, Daisy, and myself going to get Tye!


When we got home I was hungry again, so I ate the above. LARABAR in the car because I was too busy to wait, and then the celery and PB and piece of pineapple when I got home… I’m still not totally full, but I had some tea and am going to sleep now 🙂

See you all in the morn! Sweet dreams!


Love, Paige

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