Uncle Daves Crazy-Good Grilled Cheese Recipe

Who is happy that Friday is here? I am! For more than one reason though. My little niece is DUE today! I’ve got a feeling :). We’re headed to Ventura tomorrow night to be nearby in case she decides to bless us with her cute little presence. Ah, I cannot wait to meet her! So happy for my Brother & his wife.

Today I am sharing Daily Eats from yesterday (Thursday). Yesterday was a work-work-work day. I spent so long on my Newsletter and updating it that I felt like my eyes were going to roll to the back of my head by 5:30. I’ll share those updates with you all later today :).

4:50 wake & coffee with my Husband

5:30 gym

yogurt and blackberries

7:00 breakfast – honey greek yogurt with fresh blackberries and granola. Mmm! After breakfast it was back to work. I had Clients early in the day & spent a while emailing each person individually on my “Health Coaching List.

pita chips and hummus

11:45 snack – was a few multigrain pita crackers with hummus & feta cheese. Such a tasty, simple snack!

grilled cheese and lentil soup

2:30 lunch – “Uncle Dave’s Grilled Cheese” & leftover “Dad’s Lentil Soup.

This one is called “Uncle Dave’s Grilled Cheese” because when my Dad’s brother & his wife June were visiting from Reno last month my uncle made us the most ah-mazing grilled cheese sandwiches!

The difference? He puts pickle slices & tomato slices inside with the cheese, & rubs a little butter on the outside for extra flavor. They were incredible! I literally could not wait to re-make this myself and enjoy one for lunch. SO good!

san luis obispo farmers market

7:00 dinner – we walked downtown & got my favorite veggie burrito from the San Luis Obispo Farmer’s Market (The Burrito Wagon). Ah, it’s the best! (Everything in this post is sounding like the best – note: yesterday tasted so good). Marco got the Carne Asada Burrito. Mmm! Both bellies were so happy.

farmers market san luis obispo

We walked around for a while after this and enjoyed some people watching. So many people come together here every Thursday night. By far the most popular Farmer’s Market I’ve ever seen!

It’s not just vegetable stands. This one is all the food, PLUS all of the restaurants come out onto the street with food stands AND there are musicians, magicians, or like you see here, people on uni-cycles throwing fire to one another. It’s nuts. Ha! We love it 🙂

I’m totally a sucker for amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. Anyone have a favorite kind to introduce to me? 

Another question: if I were to host a Webinar or Workshop online/VIA the phone, what topic would you want to hear about most?

xo, your coach


P.S. I’ll be here tomorrow too. Saturday post?! Yep! Cheers the weekend!

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