Undiagnosed ADHD in Women and Why You’re Struggling to Feel Calm

This week I am talking on the blog and podcast with Haley Joy about undiagnosed ADHD in women and why, if this is you, you’re struggling to feel calm. It feels like there is a missing puzzle piece, and now matter how you try you just can’t seem to obtain that level of calm you so admire in others.

Haley is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has a masters degree in Psychology and has been working in mental and behavioral health for 10 years. Haley works with individuals, couples, and families. She has a strong background working with behavioral change, adults and children who have ADHD, anxiety, and people who identify as LGBTQ+.

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As Haley states in our beautiful podcast episode (linked below), she isn’t an expert on ADHD simply because she has been diagnosed with it, but rather, because of all the educational research and years of schooling she has surrounding this topic.

I love how willing Haley was to share her personal experience with ADHD and how she also gave so many powerful analogies (lot of them about cars!) to help us all understand ADHD a bit better. She also shared the different routes available to help with ADHD, as well as shares her journey to becoming diagnosed at thirty. After you listen to this episode, please email any follow up questions you have to paige@paigeschmidt.com as we will be doing a part 2!

What Else You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What kinds of tasks are extra hard for someone with ADHD
  • Tips for completing a to-do list (that will be helpful for women without ADHD and also helpful to those diagnosed with it
  • A glimpse into “ADHD Brain”
  • Signs and common traits of those with ADHD

Mentioned in this Episode:

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