Urbane Cafe from Home

So, today I was talking to one of my friends, teasing them about how much they eat out. He really does, it’s obscene! 😉

Anyways, through all my teasing, I got a huge craving for Urbane Cafe when I realized how long it had been since I’d had it!  


Since I am in 100% money-saving mode, I decided to make Urbane Cafe from home!


First, I got out the Chiabatta Bread that we had. Last piece! I cut out this entire center, and am saving it for a nice piece of toast later.

I cannot handle sandwiches with super thick bread. To me, that takes away so much from the sandwich. Plus, now I have a super yummy slice of bread that I get to eat later all toasted with Olive Oil. YUM!


Another benefit of making your food at home, is that you get to make healthy modifications!

Like, instead of using two pieces of cheese, and mayo, I used one piece, and brushed Olive Oil on my bread instead 🙂


On the inside, I put Artichoke Hearts, Turkey, and one piece of Havarti Cheese! So good!


For my salad, I made Urbanes twin: spring mix, olive oil & balsamic, feta cheese, and mandarine oranges! Yum! And I got some Vitamin C from the Oranges!


Look how good that looks! It was delicious, toasty, melty, and so healthy and comforting all at the same time.


I had some water with lemon on the side. My tea bag is probably not very flavorful by now. I used it 3 times already! Haha


Happy Afternoon! Enjoy your day! See you back here this evening 🙂

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