Urbane Cafe


Soon before I left my babysitting job today, I got hungry again. I had about 3/4 of this LARABAR, and put the rest away because I knew I was going to eat soon

I cannot get enough of this book!

For lunch, I went to Urbane Cafe with my Mom. I totally forgot to take a photo before I ate! Haha..!

I ate all of my soup & bread, and then had the last of my Moms salad and a little more bread. This was perfect because normally I get the soup + salad, and today I only ordered soup. Turned out to be just the same 🙂

This whole blogging from my iPhone thing is LEGIT. Yea. I just used that word. It’s so simple! And it solves the problem of my computer almost being completely FULL! What do you all think? Is it okay? My iPhone takes better pictures than my small camera anyways! Haha, it’s my big Canon that I’d miss- but hey, I’ll still do posts with that camera too! When I have time 🙂

Love, Paige

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